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11 Ifugao Symbols You Can Actually Wear

Here's what they mean.
With the resurgence of the use of traditional textiles in modern fashion, our natural interest in learning our rich culture ensues. It's not enough to choose pieces solely based on their aesthetic anymore. It also pays to know the meaning behind each

Fashion Dictionary: Your Ultimate Guide to Hats

Yes, bretons and berets are different.
We're shipping you off to fashion school! You've got a good head on your shoulders, so why not top it with somethin' pretty—a very en vogue beret, perhaps? Or maybe a beanie? Here's a quick and easy guide to telling your hats

Fashion Cheat Sheet: How to Tell Different Shoe Types Apart

Yes, a platform is different from a wedge heel!
It's of utmost importance to be schooled on fashion lingo, girls. We at Preview value your style education, and we hear you: it can get rather hard to tell certain shoe silhouettes apart. Like, aren't platforms and wedges pretty much the same thing?!

Your Foolproof Guide to International Clothing Sizes

No more confusion!
While casually shopping around one day, I spotted the perfect pair of mom jeans hanging in a store, and in my excitement, I grabbed the first pair in my size. Spoiler: it was a pretty unpleasant way to find out that an

Your Ultimate Guide to International Shoe Sizes

Online shoe shopping made easier!
It's happened one too many times: you order a divine pair of stilettos online (and on sale!), only to have it arrive at your the wrong size.The utter devastation is no joke, and we wholeheartedly feel you—the solution? Get smart! Never

Fashion Glossary: The Different Sleeve and Cuff Styles You Need to Know About

Know where you hide your tricks (and where you should wear your heart).
Attention, class! As demonstrated by the street style stars whose outfits you drool over on the daily, sleeves are huuuge right now—both literally and figuratively. Enormous, statement-making, and big enough to hide all your secrets in, Spring/Summer 2017 saw arms flounced at

A Fashion Girl's Guide to Different Necklines

Here's how to tell them apart.
For the truly sartorial-minded, nothing's less stylish than not knowing your fashion jargon. We at Preview have set out to educate you. Below, the first of a series: a quick and easy guide to telling your basic necklines apart at a lightning-fast