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This Is the New Tiny Bag That Fashion Girls Are Toting Now

So cute!
There's a new brand that deserves to be on your radar, and it's already gotten many celebrities and Insta fashion girls hooked. Meet Instagram's latest bag obsession: By Far's Mini Croco. We've spotted the likes of Aimee Song, Sarah Lahbati, and Liz

Fashion Girls' New Year's Resolutions

We solemnly swear to achieve these 2016 goals.
The new year is always the perfect time to hit the reset button on all aspects of one’s life—fashion definitely included. Whether you’re gunning for an all-new you or simply correcting your fashion faux pas from the year that has passed, ‘tis

10 Phases a Fashion Girl Goes Through Every Morning

There’s no such thing as “I woke up like this.”
It takes a lot of work to put together a whole look, especially for a fashion girl who cares about the nitty-gritty of her daily outfit. Here, the 10 phases we go through every morning:1. Hitting the snooze button.Is that my alarm

10 Things Guys Need to Know About Fashion Girls

They like making you take their photos.
1. They have one million gay friends.Well, not exactly, but chances are if a fashion girl is not hanging out with her girl squad, she probably has an entourage of fabulous gays to keep her company. No competition, bros! But sometimes, due

QUIZ: Are You a Trendsetter or a Trendlagger?

Find out if you're a real fashionphile.
So are you really a fashionphile? Answer our short quiz and find out if you're ahead of the pack or sadly lagging behind!1. True or false: Is normcore dead?A. YesB. No2. What is the name of Johnny Depp's daughter who is the

The 10 Annoying People You Meet in the Fashion Industry

These devils wear Prada.
Not all that glitters is gold. Even in the glamorous world of high fashion, you're bound to come across someone whose annoying ways can suck the life out of you. Below, the 10 people you need to watch out for. Question is,

10 Things Shopaholics Didn't Know They Could Do to Save Money

Tip number 1: Buy expensive things.
Did you just go on another impulsive shopping spree then whine “I’m so poor”? Well then, join the club! There's more to life than just clothes, and shoes, and bags, and watches (well, you get the picture), which is why today, I