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Where To Order the Best Cheesy Baked Mac In Manila

Order a tray for the weekend!
Some pasta dishes are known for their complexity; best enjoyed while dining out when cooking and cleaning is out of the question and solo orders are a given. But when it comes to eating at home, it's best to opt for dishes

Dr. Aivee Teo Has the Same Dress as Seo Ye Ji, and More Designer Faves

You won't believe her jaw-dropping collection of designer items!
Dr. Aivee Teo of The Aivee Clinic has one of the most fascinating and fashionable wardrobes in Manila. Since meeting the dermatologist during her second Preview Best Dressed shoot back in 2014, her penchant for statement straight-off-the-runway designer clothing and her love

10 Signs You're the Fashion Girl in the Group

They question what you wear.
In every group, there's always the one person who doesn't get the dress code most of the time. The fashion girl has no under or overdressed in her vocabulary, after all. She dances to the beat of her own drum and wears

12 Secret Thoughts a Fashion Girl Will Never Admit

We edit your outfit in our heads.
Whether we’re talking about an editor, a random shopaholic, or someone who simply loves to dress well, the fashion lover’s mind is a messy mental mood board. It’s filled with thoughts like the clothes and shoes we have on rotation, bags and

Struggling Against the Fashion Girl Stereotype

Spoiler alert: We’re not stupid.
Legends who make their mark in history often find themselves at the center of lunchtime conversations or being whispered about by the majority. In my college’s case, it was the former valedictorian and token overachiever. She seemed to have it all—a Summa

9 Things a Fashion Girl Can Do While Exploring New York

Other than shopping, obviously.
My first time to visit New York was nothing short of oohs and ahhs. I’ve seen a lot of movies and heard a lot of songs, but if there’s anything at all that I’ve learned during my two-month stay, it’s that The

What Pasalubong to Get a Fashion Girl

Souvenir shop in style.
A lot of people spend an entire year planning for the summer. These are the members of the wanderlust collective who curate Pinterest boards specifically for their vacation outfits, take screenshots of travel-stagram photos to peg, cut down on luxury expenses, and

15 Signs You’re the Fashionista In Your Barkada

She can smell a good buy from a mile away.
There will always be that one friend who'll know more about the latest trends than what happened to that batchmate of yours who got pregnant. There's no time for gossip because her priorities are simple: family, friends, making a fortune, and fashion.

QUIZ: Are You a Trendsetter or a Trendlagger?

Find out if you're a real fashionphile.
So are you really a fashionphile? Answer our short quiz and find out if you're ahead of the pack or sadly lagging behind!1. True or false: Is normcore dead?A. YesB. No2. What is the name of Johnny Depp's daughter who is the

7 Things Only Fashion Girls Who Drive Would Do

Number 1: Drive in heels.
Not all fashion girls are chauffeur-driven all the time. Whenever they want to (and they often do), they prefer taking control of the wheel. And that traffic light everyone loves to hate? It’s her BFF. Below, the reasons why, plus a list

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Traffic

There’s simply no time to waste.
A fashion girl’s gotta do what a fashion girl’s gotta do! And when the busy metro’s giving you hours long of mind-numbing traffic, what we gotta do is to learn how to multi-task. A few weeks ago, we caught Kendall Jenner shaving

10 Ways To Score A Fashion Girl, Care Of Ryan Gosling

Be better than the Gap.
With their perfectly curated Instagram feeds, IG hearts-worthy OOTDs, and ability to roll designer names off their tongues, fashion girls may be a little intimidating to guys. But if you really like her, scroll down for a few tips on how to

7 Reasons Why Guys Should Never Date a Fashion Girl

Consider yourselves warned.
Every single time I ask my guy friends what they like in a girl, they answer "simplicity" without even batting an eye. It’s like the universal response, perhaps an unspoken "bro code" or whatnot. But as someone with a profound appreciation for