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5 Fashion Items You Can Totally Still Wear in Your 40s

Your age shouldn’t stop you from dressing up!
I never really gave much thought to aging until it started to make its unmistakable presence felt in my mid-30s. Overnight, the freckles showed up to remind me of all my carefree "what-is-sunblock?" days. My body was holding on to fat more

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Espadrille Shoes

Did you know that this woven summer shoe trend has been around for 4000 years?
Audrey Hepburn, playing a doe-eyed, lost Princess Ann in the 1953 flick Roman Holiday, steps out into the blazing Italian sunshine after secretly escaping her country’s embassy the night before. She dodges fruit-bearing vendors and honking motorcycles with a naivete-tinged delight. The

10 Style Lessons We Can All Learn from Audrey Hepburn

The style icon's photos are chockful of useful tips to looking elegant.
Audrey Hepburn's fashion style is timeless. In both her life and her films, the style icon always looked impeccable while embodying beauty, grace, and a certain kind of elegance. In fact, she's been the source of inspiration for one of the most

10 Kinds of Skirts You Need in Your Closet

Here are your on-trend skirt essentials.
Skirts are actually very underrated. They can add so much punch to any outfit and yet, they’re often just thought of as a Sunday's best look. The thing is, it isn’t enough for it to be short, medium, and long. You need

Here's How to Tell If a T-Shirt Is Cheap or Expensive

Just follow these easy tips.
T-shirts are arguably the most basic piece of clothing in anyone's closet. They're easy to come by in stores, too, which makes shopping for them seem like a no-brainer. But take it from someone who had grown fond of a certain white

Did VP Leni Robredo Really Wear an Ifugao Death Blanket As A Skirt?

Here's what you need to know.
Vice-President Leni Robredo finds herself in the middle of yet another controversy by allegedly wearing an Ifugao death blanket while leading the Rizal Day rites in Luneta Park last December 30, 2018.Facebook page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan posted a

This Is the New It Bag Fashion Girls Are Carrying Now

Major throwback alert!
Vintage-inspired pieces continue to be in the spotlight, and this latest accessory revival is proof. It's something you probably won't find in your mother's baul but in your teenage closet instead. Start digging through your closet, because bead and pearl embellished bags

These Designer Monograms Might Be Back on Trend Sooner Than You Think

Keep an eye out for the imminent return of these luxury logos.
The iconic initials of names like Fendi, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and even heritage leather goods label Goyard have become omnipresent thanks to 2018's rekindled love affair with logomania. Those Zucca Fs and telltale CDs are more than just letters: They're status symbols!

Confessions of a Die-Hard Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fan

We can all agree to disagree.
Most of my friends who get overly excited about the beauty pageant season usually comment on my lack of enthusiasm for the likes of Miss Universe and Miss World. They think I’m weird for not getting the hype, but personally I'd rather

Are Chanel Bags Made with Real Gold?

The answer is yes... and no.
I have always wondered what the strange trio of notches on the double-C turnlock of my trusty ol' black lambskin Chanel flap bag meant. My mother passed it down to me—in fantastic condition, by the way—just as I was adjusting to university

What Is Orseund Iris and Why Do Celebrities Love This Insta-Brand?

Check out the girls we spotted wearing it!
Orseund Iris—sounds like a mouthful, we know. But this is how you say it: Oar-sund Eye-riss.Okay, so now that have that out of the way... Why do the cool girls of Instagram love it anyway? Aimee Song, Kylie Jenner, Martine Cajucom-Ho, and Marian Rivera

8 Fashion Trends from the '80s That Are Cool Again

Here's how you can rock retro trends in 2018.
The '80s was a vibrant and bold decade that reminds us of all things glitzy and glam. As the colorful retro years come back to life, we're bound to see how designers are reimagining its iconic trends to fit today's fashion scene.

How to Style Cropped Jeans According to Your Body Type

They're for everyone!
We're all for women wearing whatever they want, but here's food for thought: Don't you want to style yourself to highlight all the best things about your body? Be it curves, height, or a total lack of either, the cropped jean is

Preview Answers Your Fashion Questions

Got fashion Qs? We're here for you!
This time, allow us to be your personal Siri as we answer some fashion girl FAQs! Check them out below and don't forget to take notes."I've been looking for functional yet stylish undergarments to keep warm in without layering five things over

9 Luxury Brands and Their Most Affordable Bags

Tote around the label you like without having to spend a fortune!
Want a piece of the designer label you covet? Below, we've listed down nine popular brands' most affordable arm candy—all tallied from their official websites, by the way—for your pleased perusal! Yes, you can carry the name you've been dreaming of without

7 Ways to Create Curves If You Dont' Have Hips

Problem solved!
Contrary to popular belief, every girl can achieve an hourglass silhouette (sans the workout, mind you). The power of fashion can be wielded to your advantage, giving you an illusion of a curvier body. And to get you started, here are a