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6 Most Powerful Editors That Have Made an Impact in Fashion

They have changed the landscape of fashion.
People come and people go—especially in the fashion industry where names are born and then, later on, left to wilt and die. The glossies have proven to be significant factors in sculpting the landscape of fashion. Their pages are where ideas, criticisms,

Fashion Girls' New Year's Resolutions

We solemnly swear to achieve these 2016 goals.
The new year is always the perfect time to hit the reset button on all aspects of one’s life—fashion definitely included. Whether you’re gunning for an all-new you or simply correcting your fashion faux pas from the year that has passed, ‘tis

The 4 Affordable Items Fashion Editors Hoard

One is just not enough.
We asked around the Summit Media office (aside from Preview, it is also the headquarters of titles such as Candy Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, Esquire to name a few) to find the answer to the question: what’s the one cheap item