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10 Casual Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs, as Seen on Niana Guerrero

Upgrade your closet with Niana's fashion faves.
Niana Guerrero is not just a TikTok dance queen—she's also the very definition of the effortless cool-girl style. Her wardrobe is full of foolproof classics that will make every streetwear lover swoon: easy-breezy tops, comfy jeans, and even an entire sneaker collection.

Where to Get Chic RTW Dresses for Your Next Wedding Guest Outfit

These local designers have gorgeous off-the-rack options for your last-minute needs!
There comes a time when you reach an age where weddings become the common occasion, rather than the usual birthday dinners and random GNOs. And trust us, it comes sooner than you think, and when it does, it’s best to be prepared

8 Outfits That Will Convince You to Wear Cut-Outs

They make everything look so cool!
For as long as we’re living in the tropics, dressing in heat-friendly pieces will always be a thing, and so is our journey to finding new ways to wear them. Our closet is already stacked with your tropical classics like linen selections,

10 Underrated Local Clothing Brands Proudly Owned by Inspiring Women

From summer staples to statement pieces, let these ladies curate the perfect wardrobe for you!
The world of fashion has always been a safe space for women of all walks of life, from working moms, to grandmothers, and even to students. Nobody ever said starting a clothing label was easy, but being a woman in the field

10 Ways to Wear an All-Black OOTD, According to Rei Germar

Take your cues from this pro.
When you’re in for a fully packed day that’s scheduled with back-to-back appointments, there’s one type of outfit you can always rely on: an all-black look. It’s super versatile in how it can take you from day to night, all while making

10 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas for the Unconventional Bride

A rainbow engagement ring, anyone?
Times are changing. Things that we’d long assumed to stay “forever” are constantly altered, reimagined, or forwent altogether. This is especially true in the world of weddings, where we hear of amended traditions almost daily. There are unconventional themes, non-white wedding dresses,

10 Outfits That Will Convince You to Wear Brown Dresses

It can be just as versatile as an LBD.
Dresses are heaven-sent. They make getting ready a breeze, especially on days when you feel like you have "nothing to wear" or you just can't be bothered to mix and match clothes.If you've been collecting pretty frocks, may we suggest adding a

6 Chic Ways to Wear Vests for Any Occasion and Where to Shop Them

Need a more heat-friendly alternative to the sweater vest?
The humble vest has been climbing up the style stratosphere in the past months, starting with the rise of those comfy sweater vests that took over our social media feeds. The latest iteration is on the polished side, with a silhouette that’s

Ria Atayde Shares the Real Reason She Stopped Buying Designer Items

The sustainability advocate had an eye-opening epiphany in a luxury boutique abroad!
For someone who stopped buying signature items, Ria Atayde still has quite an impressive collection. In fact, her top five picks are all stylish and fumctional, that any fashion girl would want to have them as closet staples. What's more, each bag

8 Times Kryz Uy Inspired Us to Take it Easy in a Summer Dress

It’s a staple in this vlogger’s wardrobe.
When it comes to the perfect summer outfit, a few things factor in—the breathability of the fabric, the flow of the silhouette (no way we’re wearing clothes that stick to our skin), and the overall style (because we still want to look

12 Chic Bridal Robes to Get Ready In on Your Wedding Day

There's one for every price point!
As fashion-lovers, we know how it’s like to get nervous while getting ready for a big event. Creating a sanctuary beforehand—turning on relaxing music, lighting candles, and wearing a comfortable outfit—is the key to calming the jitters. The same is especially true