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The Funniest Internet Reactions to Facebook and Instagram Going Down

"What do you mean I actually have to talk to you in person now? What are we? Barbarians?"
There's a current internet frenzy all over the world as Facebook and Instagram continue to be inaccessible for half of humanity, as evidenced by #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown trending on Twitter. According to the FB- and IG-obssessed who've shared their frustrations via tweets, both platforms refuse to let them

Here's How You Can Unlock Facebook Messenger's Dark Mode

All you need is this secret emoji!
Calling all night owls! Facebook Messenger just took a page from Twitter's book and has finally made Dark Mode (Night Mode on Twitter) available after months of trial. There's a catch, though: The option isn't exactly out in the open just yet,

Facebook's New Feature Now Allows You to Unsend Embarrassing Messages

Although it turns out that you can’t exactly escape the fact that you’ve sent something.
Remember when Facebook teased us with an unsend button on Messenger last year? Well, it’s now officially out! With the new update available to both iOS and Android users, you can now use the unsend feature on your phone by holding down on

You Can Now Track How Much Time You're Spending on Social Media

Want to know how many hours you've spent stalking on Instagram today?
It's going to be a lot harder denying how dependent we are on social media. Facebook and Instagram have recently rolled out a new feature that lets its users see how much time they've been using each app via mobile.The new tool,

You Can Finally Unsend That Embarrassing Facebook Message

Save face with Facebook Messenger's upcoming unsend feature.
Facebook is finally letting you retract those embrassing messages (that you only realized were embarassing after you hit send). Thanks to an upcoming feature, you'll soon be able to "unsend" messages from Facebook Messenger soon!The social media giant will give you a

The Pastor Culture: Should We Be Careful of the Photos We Post?

Are women now expected to once again think twice about what they are wearing?
Summer air, electric vibe, nomadic mind, all captured in photographs of countless sun-kissed smiles and dervish twirls. With a sense of freedom and belief in self-expression, Filipinas share over Facebook snippets of their lives with little hesitation, with a conviction that one’s

20 Struggles Only Facebook Addicts Understand

Ah, the suspense that comes with waiting for likes!
Introducing, millennial problems at its finest. We bet you can relate to these, too!1. You're caught up thinking about your next profile photo and how perfect and amazing it has to be.It has to be updated so that the cute guy you met

6 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

Spare yourself from the embarrassment.
We get it. Sometimes we just can’t help but let our emotions take over as we share things on social media. Be it an angry tweeting spree about our horrible bosses, a humble brag IG post of our plane ticket, or a

Facebook Is Working on a Dislike Button, Good News or Bad News?

Mark Zuckerberg finally gives in after years of user requests.
Thumbs up or thumbs down? During a town hall meeting at the Facebook headquarters, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company has been working on a "Dislike" button."People have asked about the 'dislike' button for many years, and probably hundreds of people

Diana Vreeland's Facebook Hacked

Of hacks and life hacks.
Looks like Diana Vreeland's official Facebook page has been hacked.Once filled with timeless posts related to the fashion icon, the page is now littered with life hacks, nail art, and hair and makeup tips. Several of the page's followers have begun to


Highlights from the tech world, in ten words or less.
via www.kimijuan.com1. You can now stream video on Twitter.Word count: 72. Wedding hashtags will never be the same again.Caption: "It's a hashtag party! How do you feel about the new emoji hashtags on Instagram?"Word count: 83. What now, Globe? Smart peeps can skype-message for

You Can't Get Seen-Zoned Anymore

Plus 3 big changes to Instagram.
Instagrammers were excited about three big changes to the app this week, namely:Via The VergeBut what is equally, if not more, notable is Facebook Messenger's replacement of its sent receipts.The “Delivered” notification under a message has been replaced by circles with check

Still Bitter Ocampo? Follow These Hilarious Parody Accounts

Fashion is a cutthroat business but these personas teach us how to take it all with a grain of salt.
The internet and social media give a whole new meaning to the word power in the 21st century. Fans being able to communicate with their idols is a huge part of it, but more importantly, the world wide web serves as a

Vogue Keeps Distance From Terry Richardson After New Allegations

Vogue Keeps Distance from Terry Richardson After New Allegations
As the sad tale of Terry Richardson continues over the weekend, new allegations of the photographers inappropriate sexual behaviour continues to surface. Model Emma Appleton shares her encounter which comes in a form of a Facebook message from Richardson offering an appearance