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Facebook's New Feature Now Allows You to Unsend Embarrassing Messages

Although it turns out that you can’t exactly escape the fact that you’ve sent something.
Remember when Facebook teased us with an unsend button on Messenger last year? Well, it’s now officially out! With the new update available to both iOS and Android users, you can now use the unsend feature on your phone by holding down on

You Can Now Track How Much Time You're Spending on Social Media

Want to know how many hours you've spent stalking on Instagram today?
It's going to be a lot harder denying how dependent we are on social media. Facebook and Instagram have recently rolled out a new feature that lets its users see how much time they've been using each app via mobile.The new tool,

Facebook Has a Way to Help You Move on From Your Ex

Perhaps what you need is to take a break.
Want to finally move on from your good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend but his photos just keep popping up in your Facebook feed? Well, maybe now you can!Stalking an old flame on social media can only result to hurting yourself in the process (especially with