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Here's How Sofia Andres Achieved a Slimmer Face

Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist, stat!
It's easy to cheat a more contoured face with makeup, but your dermatologist could offer a more permanent solution. Although it would take some time to achieve the results you want, Sofia Andres is proof that the wait will be worth it

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for the Perfect Eyeglasses

Here's an easy way to find out the best pair for your face shape!
Buying the perfect eyeglasses to wear on a daily basis can be quite confusing—after all, you'd need to consider your face shape. So if you're finding the said task a bit hard to accomplish on your own, know that you can actually

5 Ways to Achieve a Slimmer and More V-Shaped Face

With and without makeup!
The desire for a more chiseled face is nothing new in beauty, but in Asia, the demand is a little more specific. Given that most Asians tend to have more rounded or square-shaped faces, it's common for people to want to sculpt their

LOTD: This Is the Must-Try Haircut for Rectangle-Shaped Faces

Who says you can't rock short hair?
Among various face shapes, it's the oval-shaped face many hair and makeup experts consider as the most versatile. The curved edges and moderate length of forehead and chin make the face appear more balanced compared to others, which is why it easily

The Best Mid-Length Celebrity Hair Pegs for Every Face Shape

So who's your face shape twin?
Looking for celeb hair inspo online is easy. In one click, you'll be greeted with thousands of photos of people sporting the exact hairstyle you're eyeing. However, finding a style that suits you specifically could take more work, because you need to

7 Style and Beauty Tips for Flattering Your Face Shape

Show off that golden ratio.
The MAAT Golden Ratio Search is a beauty contest unlike any other. It's an Asia-wide search for ten of the most symmetrical faces in the continent, spanning Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and many more. They're basically looking for women with

LOTD: This Short Haircut Is Perfect for Oval-Shaped Faces

For your next bold chop!
Oval-faced girls have a unique kind of struggle when it comes to haircuts. Everyone, including hair experts, claim they can rock any type of 'do. And while versatility is great and all, it really helps to narrow down your best options. Take

The Best Haircut and Hair Color, According to Your Face Shape

Find yours here!
Salon visits are always better if you have a plan in mind. Below, six stylists share their expertise on how to get the best haircut according to your face shape.HEART (High, prominent cheekbones, rounded cheeks, and a pronounced chin)According to Henri Calayag

The Best Way to Highlight, According to Your Face Shape

For that glowing, defined look!
The true essence of highlighting involves no fancy shimmer. In its purest form, the technique aims to lift our features from the center to create a more three-dimensional effect. And since our faces come in different shapes, achieving that look varies according

The Best Way to Contour, According to Your Face Shape

Customize those chiseled cheeks!
The idea of contouring is pretty straightforward. Makeup tutorials tell us to define our cheekbones, jawline, forehead, and our noses for a chiseled look. But the thing is, nothing in makeup is a one-size-fits-all, so a contouring technique that works on Kim

The Best Way to Apply Blush, According to Your Face Shape

It has to be spot on!
With blush, you don't start and stop with your choice of color. Whether you use pink or bright orange, one thing should definitely be consistent: application. There's always the most flattering way to define your face with color. So here, celebrity makeup

Finding The Right Part For Your Face Shape

Here's a lesson in parting your hair as dictated by your face shape.
When it comes to most beauty concerns, the answers sometimes are laid out right where we can find them—on our faces. All you have to do is observe and study and you’ll find everything (well, almost) you need, and the same goes

Blush By Face Shape

This is your ultimate beauty hack on where to strategically apply blush.
A pretty flush can brighten up your complexion in a jiffy and reshape the face, stat. It can create a subtle contour on the cheeks to enhance the shape of the face. Since every girl is born with a different one, we've created