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FYI, This Is the Correct Order for Applying Your Skincare Products

Layer your skincare like a pro!
Organizing your skincare routine can be just as satisfying as Marie Kondo-ing your home. And we don't just mean cleaning up your product stash—arranging your skincare steps in the right order counts, too! It can be a little overwhelming at first, but

Lucy Torrez Gomes Uses This Exact Product to Look Fresh Barefaced

No foundation or concealer needed!
Lucy Torres Gomez has no qualms about posting her bare face on social media. The internet can't help being impressed by the Leyte representative's natural beauty every time she posts, leading everyone to wonder how exactly she maintains her youthful glow.The last time

Would You Buy This "Anti-Angry" Face Mist for P1000?

Chill out.
The concept of a face mist is no rocket science. You spray, and it hydrates, refreshes, and whatever else it says it'll do on the label. It's pretty straightforward, and I usually don't expect more. But after a casual (digital) stroll through

Here's What You Can Buy at MAC Cosmetics with a P1000 Budget

For some guilt-free hoarding!
Not everything in high-end beauty counters are out to punch a hole in your wallet. If you browse long enough, you're bound to find a sizable selection of products that are significantly more affordable than the rest but still has the brand's

5 Celebrity Makeup Artist Secrets That Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine

Check out these pro tips from the stars' go-to MUA, Anthea Bueno.
There's always something new to learn about makeup, especially when you get the chance to talk about it with the pros. That's why when Camille Co uploaded an interview with Anthea Bueno on her YouTube channel, we couldn't help but breeze right through

5 Face Mists That Can Mattify Oily Skin and Control Shine

Spritz away!
While face powders work wonders in removing shine, they tend to unwantedly emphasize fine lines and dry patches. This is especially true in your thirties when the skin naturally gets drier. If you want to cut back shine without looking flat, try switching to illuminating powders, or in this case,

10 Best Setting Sprays for Keeping Your Makeup Fresh All Day

Make sure your glam stays ON.
Setting sprays are often compared to hairspray, and even though the two are completely different (you shouldn't put hairspray on your face, for one), they do have a lot in common. Both of these products are meant to provide extra hold—for your

7 Skincare Products You Should Keep in Your Beauty Fridge

The colder, the better!
Storing products in the refrigerator is a classic trick for enhancing their cooling effect. But now, instead of putting your skincare faves next to your leftover dinner, the new trend is to make use of beauty fridges that are solely dedicated for

What Are Face Mists and Why Do You Need Them?

Should you really have one?
Carrying all your skincare with you everywhere might not be practical, but bringing just one face mist is. This workhorse product is so multi-purpose, it can address anything from dehydrated skin to cakey makeup in just one spritz.Basically, a face mist is

How to Avoid Looking Dry and Flat When Applying Face Powder

Your makeup will still last all day!
Powder is everyone's best friend for avoiding makeup meltdowns. One pat and swipe and your skin is shine-free and ready for a long day ahead. That is, of course, if you apply it correctly. Put on a little too much and you'll

3 Ways to Reapply Sunscreen Over a Full Face of Makeup

Yep, it's possible!
If applying sunscreen is already in your daily beauty regimen (as it should be), then surely you also know the importance of reapplying it every few hours! Rightttt? Even while wearing a full face of makeup, retouching your SPF is crucial. And

10 Face Mists That Will Rescue Your Dehydrated Skin This Summer

Fight the dry heat with this beauty elixir!
You already feel the summer heat, don't you? Well, it's only a matter of time before we experience its full wave. And with it comes the danger of dry skin. Sometimes, water isn't enough to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This

8 Hydrating Face Mists You Can Use Every Day

They give you a glow with one spritz!
The Philippine weather can sometimes be a little bit crazy. But altogether there's no heat like the Manila heat. While hitting the beach or spending the day doing little adventures under the sun are undoubtedly fun, dry skin, on the other hand,