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Eyewear Special: The 9 Iconic Sunglasses Of All Time

Find out which celebrity made these fashion artifacts famous.
Do you know why in movies the popular girl or the dashing leading man is always styled wearing sunglasses? It’s because sunnies have the power to illustrate a certain aura of coolness, effortlessly. If you would do anything for a killer pair

Eyewear Special: Angular Sunnies

Dare to test the limits of what's permissible? Then these picks are for you.
On the hunt for something new and eccentric? With temperatures soaring high, almost equivalent to our heater thermostat, we say it’s the perfect time to sport something cool and new. Eye-catchingly chic and unique, every style setter needs at least one of

Weekend Recap: March 17 To 21, 2014

Five days of style, art, and summer prep packed in a nutshell.
Here at Style Bible, every week has a different story. We met dashing gentlemen, leveled up our summer prep, learned celebrity beauty tricks, and soaked ourselves in art, fashion, and beauty in a span of five days only—yes, that's how we roll! Raining

Eyewear Special: Oversized Sunnies

When the sun is out, it's time to put your sunnies on.
Don’t you just hate those days when you feel off and just plain blah? Well, we loathe that feeling especially when the sun is at its prime and you feel sweaty and sticky. Shaking that thought off our minds and focusing on

Eyewear Special: Cat Eye

Here's your ticket to a fiercely stylish summer.
Every sartorially inclined lady would love to look glam all-day, effortlessly. Some of you have been asking how an editor manages to do so, and if you still haven’t noticed, our not-so-secret weapon is simply a pair of sunnies. No matter the

Eyewear Special: Aviators

You probably own a pair already but after you browse through our list, we bet you'll want to get more!
From the moment we laid our eyes on Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, we fell in love with both him and his aviators (If you’ve never heard of the movie, do yourself a favor and find a way to watch

Eyewear Special: Prints And Color

Nothing screams summer more than punchy prints and colors.
What’s fun, quirky, and loud enough to level with the season’s festivities? Printed sunnies, of course! Let loose and let go with these irresistibly attractive finds that will certainly give life to the season's fun and carefree atmosphere. Nothing screams summer more

Eyewear Special: Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirror, mirror on the wall, show us the coolest pair of sunnies on earth.
If there's one kind of sunnies majority of your favorite celebrities both local and international are sporting, it would have to be the ones with mirrored lenses. Keeping their peepers hidden without looking like total snobs, the kind is no doubt, the

Eyewear Special: 20 Round-frame Sunnies

Even busy bees need their share of the bug-eye accessory.
To celebrate a new week that brings us yet another step closer to summer, we’re releasing the next batch of our week-long special as a treat for all you gorgeous ladies. A tried and tested friend indeed, a pair of sunglasses never