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Review: We Found Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes at the Drugstore

We gave BYS' 12-color palettes a try, and here's what we think.
As major eyeshadow fans, we love having options. We especially appreciate palettes with more than four shades, because not only can we create more looks from one product, it urges us to experiment with a different look every time. Granted that we'd

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Eyeshadows

The palettes you never knew you needed.
Thanks to the warmth of oranges and reds, it was summer on our eyes for most of 2016. Our eyeshadow looks became less intricate but more colorful, and we're sure that it'll continue in this direction for 2017.Want to know how we're

Chanel's Iconic Tweed Suit Is Now an Eyeshadow Palette

We're in desperate need of Chanel.
Chanel's holiday makeup collections never fail to make us swoon, and this year's limited-edition release is no exception. For 2016, they're fusing fashion and beauty with an eyeshadow palette that's wildly reminiscent of their classic ready-to-wear pieces.The palette is composed of gold

A Mean Girls Eyeshadow Palette Is in the Works

When it comes to hoarding makeup, the limit does not exist.
Fetch may not be happening, but a Mean Girls eyeshadow palette reportedly is.Storybook Cosmetics, the same company resposible for making our dreams come true with its Harry Potter wand brushes, posted a sketch of the "tentative idea" on their Instagram. We're not sure

Urban Decay is Launching a Brand New Naked Palette

Heads up, beauty junkies!
Mark your calendars, ladies! Urban Decay is about to drop its seventh Naked palette this September. Dubbed as the Naked Ultimate Basics, our beloved Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is getting a revamp as a square-shaped version. And unlike its predecessors, this new

5 Luxurious Eyeshadow Palettes to Treat Yourself With

Give your eyes a colorful spa treatment.
Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself. And for beauty junkies, that means blowing some hard-earned cash on luxurious products that make us feel like a million bucks. On today’s menu: the best high-end eye shadow palettes! Get your wallets ready.1. Becca