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Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions: Which One Should You Get?

Know which treatment suits you best with this definitive list of pros and cons!
Dreaming of waking up to instantly long and luscious lashes? Semi-permanent beauty treatments such as lash lifts and lash extensions are your godsend answers!To differentiate the two, lash lifts condition, shape, and perm your natural lashes, giving what genetics has provided you

5 Celeb-Approved Colored Contact Lenses That'll Make Your Eyes Pop

Upgrade your eye makeup routine!
Your usual eye makeup routine might consist of the usual: Doing your brows, putting on some eyeshadow, eyeliner, and then mascara. But if you feel like experimenting, colored contacts lenses can give your peepers an extra pop! Celebrities and influencers swear by

These Women in Their 30s Share the Best Eye Creams They've Tried

These eye creams effectively brighten under eyes, smoothen fine lines.
Eye creams will test your patience. Unlike moisturizers, toners, and cleansers, you won't be able to tell right away if they're actually doing their job. And if you're a sucker for instant results, you might even give up and move on to

10 Eye Serums That Are More Powerful Than Your Average Eye Cream

It's time to upgrade your eye care routine!
While a regular eye cream is usually enough to plump and hydrate, our eye concerns do tend to change every now and then. There will come a time you'll need something stronger to look like yourself from decades ago, but don't take

The 7 Easiest Eye Liners to Use

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Since the time of Cleopatra, women (and men) have had an obsession with lined eyes. And to this day, very little has changed. So whether you like a sleek feline flick a la Marilyn Monroe, a strong wing like Amy Winehouse’s, or

Photoshop's New Tool Lets You Enhance Your Smize

Make those eyes pop!
Website Flipboard just found a way to improve your #selfie game. Introducing: Lightening and Brightening Your Eyes in Adobe Photoshop. (Image from process involves adjusting your eye color’s saturation and drawing some depth into your iris. The result? Sharper eyes and an

Ways To Wear Red During The Holidays

Red rover, red rover comes right over!
As the malls get decked in poinsettias, it won’t be long before everyone else starts wearing bright red hues in the spirit of the season. It’s easy to pull off a crimson pout or ruby digits when talking about beauty. So if

Best Of Beauty 2013: Eyes

Enhance your peepers with our 2013 staples.
The verdict is in and the eyes have it! While most girls think a red lip is all you need for a presentable face, we think otherwise. The eyes, though the smallest area of the face, are the windows to your soul.

An Eye Opener

We reveal eye-opening secrets to bigger orbs without going under the knife.
Owning a pair of doll-like, expressive eyes have always been a popular desire for most women. If you key in “how to have bigger eyes” in the Google or Youtube search bar, you’ll be swarmed by numerous tutorials on how to create

One Palette, Three Ways

We explore the possibilities of one eyeshadow palette.
Do you ever have moments just staring at an eyeshadow palette wondering, "How will I ever use all the colors in this palette?" We’re guessing you mostly use one or two colors only from your eyeshadow quad and leave the other shades