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11 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner, According to these Celebrities

These Hollywood names will convince you to buy yourself a white eyeliner!
When it comes to a range of eyeliner colors, it’s the white one that people tend to overlook. Amidst the browns, blacks, and even neons that people have learned to embrace over the years, there are still hordes of white eyeliner left

3 Quick Makeup Looks You Can Do Using Pencil Eyeliner

Just line and smudge!
Whenever you need to do your eye makeup fast, here's a tip: Don't pull out an eyeshadow palette. Instead, grab a creamy pencil that you can just line and smudge for a picture-perfect look. You might not even need a brush! Don't believe

Try This Trick for Natural-Looking, Barely-There Eyeliner

Makeup artists swear by it.
When your eyes need more than a coat of mascara to look alive, don't hesitate to reach for some eyeliner. You'll be surprised how it can define your eyes in ways mascara can't, and you won't even need to draw a wing!

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Eyeliners

Nail that wing!
You don't need to tell us twice about the power of eyeliner and how much you all love it. We're right in the same boat with you! And when it comes to our weapons of choice for a killer cat eye, we don't

Winging It: How to Perfect the Winged Liner Look

Tips from beauty expert Agoo Bengzon.
The cat eye may very well be one of the most adored eye makeup looks—yet it's probably also one of the hardest ones to achieve. If you struggle with twitchy hands or don't feel too confident about your makeup skills, these tips

This Is the Quickest Way to Do Your Winged Liner

Score sexy eyes in minutes!
It's a known fact that working with eyeliners can be a bit daunting. Precision and patience are the key to creating fierce, lined eyelids, so it's important to focus. A tiny mistake can turn into a half hour's worth of panda-eyed catastrophe—and

7 Local Celebs Sporting the Perfect Winged Liner

Perhaps what you need is a catty twist.
On days when a smokey eye just won’t do, we can always count on a winged flick to do the trick. To instantly add drama to your look, perhaps what you need is a catty twist! Below are some of the local