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Kryz Uy Reveals Her Best and Worst Beauty Investments

Watch this first before making any imprudent beauty decisions!
In her latest YouTube upload, blogger Kryz Uy sat down with her sister Jack and discussed the most noteworthy self-care treatments to invest in. Recalling the best and worst beauty decisions they've made as young adults 'til now, the sisters shared their personal

10 Eyelash Serums That'll Help Your Lashes Grow Longer

Not a fan of lash extensions? Try these instead!
For the sake of achieving lush, thick lashes, I am willing to try anything. Case in point: I've already gotten an eyelash perm, tried castor oil, and had my eyelids poked with needles. While I loved all of those methods, the results

Here's How Karlie Kloss Curls Her Lashes Using a Teaspoon

And it's super effective!
To this day, we constantly hear girls admit that they're afraid of using eyelash curlers—and we totally understand. Mishaps can always happen with this little metal contraption, whether you accidentally pluck your lashes out or pinch your eyelids. These can occur no matter

Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, and More Celebs Love These Lash Extensions

Take cues from these stars and give that lash curler a break!
Eyelash extensions are cutting celebrity makeup routines everywhere in half, and the proof is all over social media. Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, and Bela Padilla are only a few of the stars who have flaunted their bare yet fluttery lashes, but they do have

This Is the Mascara Hack We Swear By for Naturally Longer Lashes

Look effortlessly wide awake.
What makes a perfect everyday mascara varies from person to person. But on a no-makeup kind of day, some of you might want a product that lengthens your lashes without looking like you have anything on them—a no-mascara mascara, if you will.

These Are the Best Mascara Combinations for Perfect Eyelashes

It's all in the brush.
We were probably the ones who mentioned that double-timing mascaras is bad, but we're also the same people who now admit that we're wrong, because many things work better in terms, and the lash-boosting cosmetic is one of them. In some sort

This Beauty Hack Keeps Your Lashes Curled All Day Long

Now, you don't have to bring your eyelash curler everywhere you go.
It's no secret that curling your lashes can fake wide awake eyes effortlessly even though you might have gotten only three hours of sleep. But if your lashes are straight as a line, keeping your lashes curled all day can be a

10 Best Mascaras

Make like Betty Boop with these magical wands.
Talk wands to a beauty girl and she'll think mascara, not Harry Potter. The magic tool that beautifully opens up the way to heavenly, fluttery, and flirtatious peepers a la Betty Boop, is every girl’s best friend. But with the surplus of

Keep Your Falsies On

And get through the night without batting an eyelash.
Falsies are a beautiful thing. Not only do they make your eyes look bigger, but the fluttery additions give that extra boost of confidence that nothing else can. The only problem? As the night (or day, hey, we don’t judge) wears on,

#tiptuesday: Thicker And Longer Lashes, Stat

Kim K lashes without lash extensions involved, we promise!
Luscious, flirty lashes just like Kim Kardashian's are one of the reasons why we always reach for mascaras. Our mascaras have been our ultimate companion in owning a fuller set of lashes, and there is absolutely an abundance of lash-enhancing wands everywhere

Talika Launches In Manila

Paris-based skincare brand brings their eyelash lengthening Lipocils line to Manila.
Paris, 1948, a doctor named Danielle Roches was working at Hôpitaux de Paris caring for victims of the ongoing World War II. To treat burns on the eye area of her patients, Danielle formulated her own cream using a mixture of herbs