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What Are Blue Light Glasses and Do They Really Work?

Blue light glasses, explained. Plus, where you can buy them.
There's a lot to unpack here, but the big factor in the equation are your eyes. If you spend an excessive, even unhealthy amount of time looking at a digital screen (and these days, who doesn't?), you may have friends, parents, or

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Pair of Sunnies Specs

Aesthetic and affordable eyeglasses, right this way!
Eyeglasses, whether prescription or not, have become an important styling accessory. And while it tends to cost more than a pretty penny for stylish frames and pair of optical lenses, a Philippine brand has taken on the mission of making these available,

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for the Perfect Eyeglasses

Here's an easy way to find out the best pair for your face shape!
Buying the perfect eyeglasses to wear on a daily basis can be quite confusing—after all, you'd need to consider your face shape. So if you're finding the said task a bit hard to accomplish on your own, know that you can actually

9 Funky Yet Subtle Pairs of Eyeglasses You Can Shop Now

For those with unique taste!
Four-eyed fashion kid? Same here. If you're into retro-cool statement specs that are funky but still tasteful, fun yet understated, you've clicked on the right article—here, in no particular order, nine gorgeous, top-quality optical frames to keep your sight stylish. You may

12 Pairs of Grandpa Specs to Shop Now

Sport the eyeglasses trend du jour.
Your lolo is really, really cool. You've stolen his comfy, oversized knits and maybe even his heirloom leather belts and watches, but now it's time to swipe just one more thing—his specs! Look to the streets to find that those wire-rimmed glasses

8 Places That Sell the Cutest Specs

This one's for the four-eyed!
Take it from me, Preview's resident half-blind mole—hunting down that perfect pair of frames is no easy task. I've been wearing specs since I was six, and with my current eye grades of 7.50-9.00 (I know, right), glasses are absolutely, positively necessary

Owndays: How a Nearsighted Fashion Girl Found Her Paradise

I saw the light.
Fun fact about me: My eyeballs are weirdly elongated.No, seriously. I've had severe myopia since I was six, and my ophthalmologist has always told me that it's because I was born with unusually oblong-shaped corneas. I started out with a grade of 1.50

The It Girls and All the Stylish Guests at the #SpecsParty

Geek mode (still) on.
Yesterday, July 6, 2016 (yes, it was a holiday), the team behind Sunnies Studios officially launched an arm dedicated to the geeks, Sunnies Specs.Unveiling its prescription eyewear range consisting of a whopping 108 initial styles (they will release another 40 next month!), Sunnies