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Simple Makeup Hacks for Wearing a Full Brow

When you wanna feel extra Cara Delevingne-esque.
Brows are always a tricky feature to enhance. Go too far and you'll end up with two bushy caterpillars that instantly age you, hold back on the brow pencil and you'll have a weak set of brows that won't complement your look.

Makeup Gurus Share Five Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Here's how to get the best eyebrows of your life!
Brows are always a fave topic for us girls. You can choose to head outside and forget your house keys but you’ll never EVER leave home without drawing on your arches. Just yesterday a friend of mine kept insisting that she needed

WATCH: How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Easy Steps

Kilay-obsessed girls, this one’s for you.
Ask any makeup artist or beauty editor what the fastest trick to a put-together face is and their answer would be good eyebrows. Despite taking up a fairly small amount of space, brows have the power to make or break one’s look.

The Best Brow Products for Natural-Looking Brows

Keep it au naturel.
Whether you’re aiming for a well-defined, pencilled and plucked set or thick and full a la Cara Delevinge, note that there’s a fine line between filled-in brows and an overdrawn pair of arches. The trouble is we sometimes use too much of

6 Products You Need for Well-Groomed Brows

All you'll ever need to look like Cara Delevingne is in here.
If there’s anything about my face that I obsess about, it’s my brows. Ever since the day I learned to maneuver a pair of tweezers back in sophomore year of highschool, my arches have never been the same. And while others keep

Ask An Editor: Finding The Right Brow Shade

Frame the windows to your soul with the right brow color.
People are perplexed when it comes to brows. From shaping, plucking, and coloring, there’s a lot of things that could go wrong in between. Though most of it is trial and error, we’re here to make it easier for you to find