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We Found This Genius Hack to Getting Korean-Style Straight Brows

Using a toothpick! No kidding!
If you're obsessed with K-pop celebrities, chances are, you've noticed that they love straight brows. This eyebrow style draws attention to the center of the face, which helps create the illusion of a smaller visage. It can also make you look more youthful!However, it

This Eyebrow Powder Pencil Will Change Your Makeup Routine

Now you only need one product for perfect arches!
If your face is a blank canvas and makeup is the paint, then your eyebrows are the frame—and what use is a gorgeous painting in an unflattering frame? Having your arches shaped and filled to natural-looking perfection not only flatters your whole

15 Best Eyebrow Products for Achieving Fuller-Looking Brows

Perfect your arch with the best pencils, gels, and more!
Getting your dream brows isn't always the easiest task. Before you get there, you'll need to shape them, groom them, or let them grow if you accidentally overplucked them a decade ago. There's also the option to have them microbladed, which could

The Best Eyebrow Product Combos to Achieve Your Best Brows Ever

Check out our recommended products, depending on your dream brows!
You can draw your eyebrows with any product in your kit, but when you have a specific look in mind—be it a certain shape or texture—some will inevitably work better than others. (Not sure what kind of brow suits you? Click here for

Here's What to Expect from Kris Aquino's Ever Bilena Collection

Introducing your new beauty essentials.
Anyone who follows Kris Aquino knows that she can't live without two products: eyebrow pencil and lipstick. These are staples in her makeup kit, so we weren't exactly surprised they were the very first products she thought of creating herself. In collaboration with local

Which Brow Pencil Shape Is the Right One for You?

Are you using the wrong kind?
The shade and pigmentation of your brow products are definitely important, but one factor to also consider is its shape. So is your current brow pencil's shape the right one for your needs? Here are three options for you to choose from:1.

6 New Brow Products That Will Upgrade Your Eyebrow Routine

Ever heard of brow conditioner?
We get it. You wouldn't trade your current brow routine for anything in the world. And trust us, we feel the same way about ours, but this shouldn't stop you from going beyond your beloved brow pencil either. Who knows, you might

Simple Makeup Hacks for Wearing a Full Brow

When you wanna feel extra Cara Delevingne-esque.
Brows are always a tricky feature to enhance. Go too far and you'll end up with two bushy caterpillars that instantly age you, hold back on the brow pencil and you'll have a weak set of brows that won't complement your look.

Agoo Bengzon's Tips for Brows That Wow

The real deal on how to achieve heavenly arches.
When it comes to makeup application, any makeup artist will tell you that if one's skin is in good condition, the rest of the job becomes easy. Similarly, it's far easier to work on your brows when they're already groomed to begin

Makeup Gurus Share Five Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Here's how to get the best eyebrows of your life!
Brows are always a fave topic for us girls. You can choose to head outside and forget your house keys but you’ll never EVER leave home without drawing on your arches. Just yesterday a friend of mine kept insisting that she needed

3 New Waterproof Brow Products to Try Now

They seriously won't budge.
Do you always worry about your brows getting washed away when going for a swim or when you’re sweating it out at the gym? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Lucky for us though, there are waterproof brow products out there that can

WATCH: How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Easy Steps

Kilay-obsessed girls, this one’s for you.
Ask any makeup artist or beauty editor what the fastest trick to a put-together face is and their answer would be good eyebrows. Despite taking up a fairly small amount of space, brows have the power to make or break one’s look.

The Best Brow Products for Natural-Looking Brows

Keep it au naturel.
Whether you’re aiming for a well-defined, pencilled and plucked set or thick and full a la Cara Delevinge, note that there’s a fine line between filled-in brows and an overdrawn pair of arches. The trouble is we sometimes use too much of

6 Products You Need for Well-Groomed Brows

All you'll ever need to look like Cara Delevingne is in here.
If there’s anything about my face that I obsess about, it’s my brows. Ever since the day I learned to maneuver a pair of tweezers back in sophomore year of highschool, my arches have never been the same. And while others keep


Bushy and bushier.
It’s a tale as old as time, eyebrows frame your face and the windows to your soul. A bit of filling here and there and voila, pure brow bliss. Your BFF in nailing the no-makeup makeup trend, it doesn’t matter if you’re

14 Beauty Stick Picks

These products are worth sticking to, we swear.
With all the beauty goods available out there, admit it, you’re constantly on the lookout for a bigger kit that will fit all your daily essentials. But if you're the type who would rather tote around a teeny-tiny purse, then we have