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Rhian Ramos Used a P50 Hair Color Cream to Tint Her Eyebrows

It's available in the drugstore!
One of Rhian Ramos' defining features are her full eyebrows—they make her look fresh and youthful! While her bushy arches can majorly be attributed to genetics, her kilay routine also plays a huge role in how she maintains their style and color.

7 Ways to Achieve Bushy Brows Like a Celebrity

Anyone can do it!
You can cop yourself a pair of bushy brows with a few simple tricks, even if yours aren't naturally like Cara Delevingne's. That said, here are seven brow-plumping tips that stars use all the time:Those blessed with already full brows could skip the

LOTD: This 138-Peso Product Will Give You Brows Like Bea Alonzo's

It lasts ALL day.
Unlike most celebrities, Bea Alonzo tames her brows the old-fashioned way. Her makeup artist Ting Duque uses an old Hollywood technique that existed way before brow gels and mascaras were even popular, and it's amazing for creating a brushed-up look. Out of guesses?

These Makeup Tricks Will Make Your Brows Look Instantly Fuller

Have you tried these?
Say goodbye to complicated eyebrow routines! We have three makeup hacks that will plump your brows to perfection in no time—no makeup artist needed. Watch and learn below:Produced by Nicole ArcanoVideo by Erika DupaliModel Angela LehmannMakeup by Nikki DuqueHair by Jan EdrosolanNails

Here's How I Achieved Straight, Brushed-Up Brows

Trial-and-error makes perfect.
As a beauty editor, I’ve admired many runway beauty looks from afar but never had the guts to wear them myself. (I know right? Lame!) That's partly because it’s made-for-photo only and will melt once you do so much as breathe. Another reason

LOTD: We're All About Boyish-Looking Brows This Season

Nail that no-makeup look without breaking a sweat!
At the recently concluded Proenza Schouler Spring 2018 show, going au naturel was anything but plain. Makeup artist Diane Kendal proved that brows are key to nailing the no-makeup look.According to her, the bushy and brushed-up "boyish brow" look is the way

LOTD: Coleen Garcia's Tip for Fuller-Looking Brows

Cut your brow routine in half!
You don't always need to spend so much time on your brows to make them look fuller. Concealing the edges and sculpting them to perfection can eat up time that you should spend on other things. Instead, why not go with an

Makeup Artist-Approved Tricks to Make Your Eyebrows Look Fuller

Cara Delevingne will bow down.
With the right technique, a fuller-looking brow is just a stroke away. Below, we list three of our favorite brow plumping hacks that will surely fit your arches' needs!EASY - Brush through them with a volumizing brow gel.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/antheabuenoUnlike regular brow mascaras

Simple Makeup Hacks for Wearing a Full Brow

When you wanna feel extra Cara Delevingne-esque.
Brows are always a tricky feature to enhance. Go too far and you'll end up with two bushy caterpillars that instantly age you, hold back on the brow pencil and you'll have a weak set of brows that won't complement your look.