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The Most Popular Eye Cream in Korea Is Coming to the Philippines

One product is sold every three seconds!
K-beauty is definitely having its moment here in the Philippines. More and more Korean beauty brands are setting up shop in the country, and while we always appreciate more options and innovations, it's becoming increasingly challenging to stand out. However, when a brand

7 Skincare Products You Should Keep in Your Beauty Fridge

The colder, the better!
Storing products in the refrigerator is a classic trick for enhancing their cooling effect. But now, instead of putting your skincare faves next to your leftover dinner, the new trend is to make use of beauty fridges that are solely dedicated for

These Are the Best-Selling Products at Rustan's the Beauty Source

Not sure what to shop at Rustan's? Let this be your guide.
Department stores are one of the best ways to browse and test beauty products in the flesh. In other countries, people flock to stores like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora to have their beauty fix offline, whereas here in the Philippines,

7 Good Skin Habits to Keep for Younger-Looking Skin

Prevention is key.
Holding on to the bouncy skin from your youth is all about prevention. Instead of smoothing out those lines later,  adopt habits that could help you slow down your complexion clock as early as now—we swear you'll thank yourself later. For tips

10 Eye Serums That Are More Powerful Than Your Average Eye Cream

It's time to upgrade your eye care routine!
While a regular eye cream is usually enough to plump and hydrate, our eye concerns do tend to change every now and then. There will come a time you'll need something stronger to look like yourself from decades ago, but don't take

10 Must-Try Products for Fresher-Looking Eyes in the Morning

Make it look like you got enough sleep last night.
When eight hours of sleep is simply not an option, eye cream is a must. A thin layer can instantly help depuff, firm, and brighten those orbs in the morning—if you're lucky, sometimes it's even enough to make you consider skipping concealer

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 Products for Puffy Eyes

Coffee for your peepers.
Thanks to eye cream, your sleeping habits could be your best kept secret. And for those tough mornings when your peepers look anything but awake, here are the depuffers you can count on like caffeine:IMAGE Estee LauderESTÉE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye

8 Genius Alternative Uses for Your Beauty Products

We're calling it.
Even beauty junkies who keep an arsenal of tools and products have makeup and skin care emergency secrets. Here are the tried-and-ested hacks we've unlocked over the years:1. Flat Iron as CurlerInstead of wrapping your hair around the flat iron, get a

10 Depuffing Eye Creams to Perk You Up in the Morning

Look alive, sunshine!
Most of us have this notion of eye cream being too rich and creamy to apply in the daytime, when really, that's when we need it the most. Think about it: our eyes are drier, puffier, and duller in the mornings than

Review: I Tried This Eye Cream That Promises to Make Me Look Wide Awake

Because puffy and tired-looking eyes are a no-no.
What: Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate MatrixWhat It Is: Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair line needs no introduction. Its revolutionary serum, for one, has been selling like hotcakes since it was first launched in 1982—the “holy grail of serums,” they

4 Excellent Eye Creams You Need in Your Nighttime Beauty Routine

Banish those wrinkles and dark circles!
Sticking to a nightly skin care habit can be overwhelming, especially when there always seems to be yet another “must-have” product you need to add to your already burgeoning evening routine. Hear us out, though: Your under-eye area has some of the

The 5 Golden Rules of Applying Eye Cream

Mind these dos and don’ts.
Our eyes show the first signs of skin aging: think wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles, you name it! That said, it’s advisable for a woman to start an anti-aging beauty routine as soon as she hits her 20s—and if you’ve done your

4 Ways to Improve Dark Undereye Circles (Without Makeup!)

Look fresh.
All you hardworking girls know better than anyone what a long, sleepless night can do. Hello, dark undereye circles! While there's no better cure than some good ol' R&R, there are ways to get rid of (or prevent) those dreaded, bruise-colored half-moons.

This Is the Most Effective Way to Apply Your Eye Cream

Treat it with care!
You've read a handful of articles about the proper way to apply eye cream. Some say that massaging is best to promote blood circulation while others claim that gently patting on the product with your ring finger is the proper way. To set

Bright Eyes

We give you five makeup techniques that can perk up your eye area.
(Note: Photos taken from Fashion Watch Holiday 2011. Models in the photos are not product endorsers.)Our eyes are probably the most expressive parts of our faces. But while we do pay a lot of attention to playing up our peepers when applying