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These Women in Their 30s Share the Best Eye Creams They've Tried

These eye creams effectively brighten under eyes, smoothen fine lines.
Eye creams will test your patience. Unlike moisturizers, toners, and cleansers, you won't be able to tell right away if they're actually doing their job. And if you're a sucker for instant results, you might even give up and move on to

4 Possible Reasons Why You Have Eye Bags, Aside from Lack of Sleep

For one, it could be hereditary.
It's common to blame your lack of sleep for having dark circles, but that's only one of the many other factors that can cause those puffy bags under your eyes. Believe it or not, they're not always caused by bad habits. Here are some of the most

Review: This Internet-Famous Concealer Instantly Fakes 8 Hours of Sleep

It's pretty powerful.
The Bye Bye Under Eye is It Cosmetics' best-selling and award-winning concealer. It claims to provide full, pigmented coverage that can conceal practically everything without cracking or creasing. It was co-developed by plastic surgeons, and it's infused with anti-aging ingredients such as

7 Ways to Treat Dark Eye Bags, According to a Dermatologist

Because we can't always get eight hours of sleep.
Thanks to concealer, hiding a serious case of panda eyes is fast and easy. The right one can have you looking like you slept all week. However, if you're on a mission to skip concealer forever, you probably need to get some

Here's How to Choose the Correct Shade of Undereye Concealer for You

Don't make it too obvious that you pulled an all-nighter!
When you have undereye troubles to cover, your concealer shouldn't just be good at, well, concealing. It has to come in the perfect shade, too, because the wrong color will only make your dark circles look worse than they are—and nobody wants

4 Ways to Improve Dark Undereye Circles (Without Makeup!)

Look fresh.
All you hardworking girls know better than anyone what a long, sleepless night can do. Hello, dark undereye circles! While there's no better cure than some good ol' R&R, there are ways to get rid of (or prevent) those dreaded, bruise-colored half-moons.

Say Goodbye To Those Evil Eye Bags

Here are the easiest DIY solutions to those annoying panda eyes.
Let’s face it—you have dark circles around your eyes because you either like staying out late, you’re a sucker for watching a few TV series before hitting the sack, or you like relaxing by catching up on some reading with your night

5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Highlighting Pen

Because this stuff is seriously amazing.
Hereditary panda eyes are my genetic weakness. So when I dove into the world of makeup, all I was looking for was something that made me look well-rested without looking like I put on any makeup. After years of searching, I finally

Diy Depuffing And Brightening Eye Mask

Erase the signs of fatigue with this easy DIY.
Eye bags are evil. Aside from taking away your youthful appearance, they’re a dead giveaway when you’re low on sleep and high on stress. So instead of slathering on the concealer, hop right in your kitchen and say goodbye to your panda

Bright Eyes

We give you five makeup techniques that can perk up your eye area.
(Note: Photos taken from Fashion Watch Holiday 2011. Models in the photos are not product endorsers.)Our eyes are probably the most expressive parts of our faces. But while we do pay a lot of attention to playing up our peepers when applying