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How the Extended Quarantine Can Help Flatten the Curve, According to Experts

The University of the Philippines COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team has done multiple simulations on the spread of the said virus.
The COVID-19 task force has recommended to continue the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) that led the President to extend the Luzon-wide lockdown until April 30. They claim that the extension of the ECQ will help in flattening the curve and buying time

5 Casting Tips for Aspiring Models

So you wanna be a model?
The modeling industry can be a tough one to break into. Many aspire to be a part of it, but only a few have what it takes to thrive in the cut-throat industry. But a basic experience all models share, whether they're

5 Photography Tips for Beginners, According to Shaira Luna

Learn from the pro!
If you're an aspiring photographer, then Shaira Luna probably needs no introduction. With her signature style of dainty, soft photography, one can easily distinguish her work from a mile away.  She's an in-demand shooter for many brands, both for editorial and commercial, and

How to Start a More Earth-Friendly Wardrobe, According to Kimi Juan

"Garments are discarded every day and an easy way to help the environment is to give clothes a second life."
Did you know that, second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world? Just think about it: Remember that dress you threw out because you spilled soy sauce all over the front? It's probably sitting in