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10 Celebrity-Approved Coffee Machines You'll Want to Have

Check out the exact coffee machines these local stars have in their sweet digs and you just might find your match!
How do you start your day? For these local celebrities and influencers, a lovely cup of brewed coffee is the way to do it! Therefore, it is almost imperative for them to have a nice coffee machine that will make their cup

These Fast Food Joints Now Have Plant-Based Burgers on the Menu

Calling all veggie lovers!
If we learned anything this year, it's to expect the unexpected. And in true 2020 fashion, we're being bestowed burgers that aren't made from meat. Sounds impossible? Not quite! In fact, a new, delicious plant-based fad is emerging! Fast food joints are

Coffee Basque Burnt Cheesecake Exists and It's Heavenly

They make a chocolate version, too.
As the name implies, the Basque Burnt Coffee Cheesecake is a coffee-flavored cheesecake that goes by the Basque style of the dessert—that is, with a decidedly burnt, caramelized top that reveals a creamy interior within. You can get a six-inch round cake

Meiji Apollo Cheesecake Exists and Here's Where to Get It

This is not a drill!
If you grew up eating Meiji Apollo, then you'll know that its fruity-chocolatey profile is hard to beat. Chances are you probably find yourself hankering for it to this day—and if you're a big fan of the Mt. Fuji-shaped Japanese candy, you're

Kumori's Signature Cheese Tart Is Now Available in Gelato Version

They collaborated with Manila Creamery!
Japanese bakery Kumori has always taken pride in their oh-so rich and delectable Signature Cheese Tarts. That said, it looks like they’re taking things up a notch and reinventing their classic treat with Manila Creamery. It's the collaboration we didn’t know we

This Milk Tea Shop Serves Their Drinks in Reusable Bamboo Cups

The business was started by two science teachers during the quarantine.
This milk tea shop in Iloilo is selling their drinks in reusable bamboo cups!Darlings' Milk Tea gives the option to have your order served in bamboo cups instead of the single-use plastic cups when you dine-in. If you love your bamboo cup

This Sleek Coffee Machine Will Make Your Mornings So Much Better

Filipino Andre Chanco and Singaporean Leon Foo create a new system of marketplace and machine for capsule coffee enthusiasts.
Top Story: Jinkee Pacquiao Goes Viral for Expensive Plant That Costs Approximately P20,000To help you wake up better, two coffee entrepreneurs have set out to improve the sacred coffee ritual. “We do enjoy manual brew devices, which have been very much available for

Army Navy Now Offers 15 New Flavors of LiberTea Milk Tea

We can't wait to try them all!
Whether you prefer Army Navy Burger + Burrito's juicy burgers or their uber-filling burritos, it's never complete without an order of refreshing LiberTea iced tea or Libertea milk tea (that now comes in a glass mason jar you can always reuse at

Soy Sauce in Ice Cream? This Flavor Is Actually Surprisingly Good!

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
When you think of shoyu—the Japanese word for soy sauce—you probably think of ramen or other savory Japanese dishes. But there's more to the classic condiment than just using it for main meals; its deep, umami flavor also works wonders in the

Yes, Yakult Cheesecake Exists and Here's Where You Can Order

Imagine the flavors of Yakult in an oh-so-creamy cake.
What's not to love about Yakult? The cultured milk drink is sweet and tangy—and it happens to be good for your gut, too. Beyond the straightup drink, we've also seen Yakult spinoff treats like cakes and even soju—but if you've ever dreamed

Here's Where to Buy Mini Versions of Those Minimalist Cakes You See on IG

They're called bento cakes and here's where you can get them!
Have you seen the trendy minimalist cakes on your feed? As pretty and incredibly tempting as these cakes are, sometimes it's not the most practical decision to order a normal-sized minimalist cake, especially if there are only one or three people eating it

Where to Order Caramel Cakes with Witty Written Dedications

They also deliver around Metro Manila!
While taste is what matters at the end of the day, there's something especially precious about cakes with special dedications. But you don't always have to choose between the two. If you're looking for a quality cake with great flavor and can