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10 White Workout Essentials That Are Undeniably Stylish

Love a clean look? Add these to your shopping list!
We’ll take a wild guess and say that your gym clothes are probably all black—from your sports bra to shirt and to your tights. We don’t blame you, though! Black pieces are a no-brainer because they’ll always look good plus you get

Yassi Pressman Is Out to Prove That You Can Exercise Anywhere

No excuses.
What's your common excuse for skipping your workout? Well, after this video, you won't have any."You can exercise anywhere!" Yassi says enthusiastically, getting ready to do some lunges on the set. In this short and somewhat instructional video, our cover girl Yassi

Solenn Heussaff's Fitness Tips for the Lazy Girl

Take it from our favorite fitspiration!
It may be hard to believe, but you don't have to be at the gym seven times a week to get fit. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is possible even for the busiest and laziest people. All you need is proper motivation, plus

The Countdown To Laboracay Begins

With just a month left before one of the most anticipated summer events, we give you tips on how to get your body and mind ready.
It all started with newly employed peeps realizing that the term summer vacation doesn’t exist in world of grown-ups. For the working class, Labor Day is a (sort of) sacred day dedicated to celebrate the fact that they are, well, employed.  Since

#fridayfavorite: Lorna Jane Floral Fitness Gear

Arriving just in time for summer, here's another reason for you to work out!
We hope we're not being too much of a nag with our efforts to get you ladies to exercise, but you know we mean well, right? Staying fit, no matter which program you choose, leads to a healthier and more beautiful you,

Personal Stylist: Work It While Working Out

Start the year right by feeling good inside and out.
The holidaze are over and once again, it’s the time of the year when after-effects are beginning to show. Don’t worry though, because we came up with five sets of workout gear to keep you stylish while bidding farewall to all that