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These Are Janine Gutierrez's Favorite Affordable Makeup Products

Here's everything she used to create an everyday makeup look!
Janine Gutierrez has been sharing tons of her beauty secrets via her YouTube channel, and sure enough, we're always on the lookout for more. Since she revealed her go-to makeup look, we learned that the actress isn't afraid to mix affordable and luxury

Here's How a Korean Girl Does the "No-Makeup" Look

It looks so natural!
It's no secret that K-beauty's take on the "no-makeup" makeup look is different from what you'd usually see in the West. There's a stronger focus on skincare, and there's almost always some eyeliner in the mix. You might even already know the

Here's How Elisse Joson Does Her Everyday Makeup

She can do a full face in five minutes!
Finding motivation to do your makeup everyday is easy when you've got a quick and efficient routine down pat. Take Elisse Joson, for example, who can whip up her signature fresh-faced look in just five minutes. Mind you, that already includes foundation

Here's How Janine Gutierrez Does Her Everyday Makeup

She reveals some of her fave skincare products, too!
We just love snooping inside celebrities' makeup bags, especially finding out how exactly they use their products. Lucky for us, Janine Gutierrez shared both on her newest vlog! The actress ran through her go-to makeup look routine and morning skincare regimen, giving us a

5 Everyday Makeup Tips We Can All Learn from Solenn Heussaff

These will make your mornings easier.
Being a pro makeup artist herself, Solenn Heussaff has zero problems getting all dolled up by herself every day. In fact, she has a pretty simple beauty routine for a work-appropriate look, which she finally shared on her YouTube channel. Watch it

Here's How Shay Mitchell Gets Away With Using Less Foundation

It's the simplest part in her makeup routine.
A quick scroll through Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell's Instagram will have you noticing two things: (1) she's absolutely stunning; and (2) so is her makeup. And if you've been following her for a while, you've probably been as curious about

Here's a 5-Minute Monochrome Look You Can Do Every Day

Try it out!
Nobody can sing enough praises for the monochrome makeup trend. You don't have to think about it too much, and yet it always ends up looking good—the best kind of makeup look when you're in a rush.Below, we show you a one-color

9 Blogger-Approved Products to Upgrade Your Daily Makeup Routine

Key secrets to looking fresh all day.
Next to celebrities, bloggers are experts at looking camera-ready. That's why we've always been curious about what happens behind-the-scenes of every post, especially in the beauty department. How exactly do these double-tap worthy creatives look so good every day? In addition to

This Is How Lauren Young Achieves a Fresh Face Every Day

She uploaded a tutorial for it on YouTube!
Lauren Young is trying her hand at YouTube vlogging now, and needless to say, we're ecstatic. For starters, she just recently uploaded her channel's first makeup tutorial! Watch the video below and discover her secrets to achieving a fresh-faced look that you

Look We Love: Julia Montes

We follow Julia's Instagram and list down our favorite makeup looks!
Golden Girl and this month's cover, Julia Montes, has been in numerous TV commercials, ad campaigns, and TV shows and because of that she's managed to pick up a number of beauty tricks. Did you know that she learned how to put