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8 of the Best Countries for Same-Sex Weddings

Because love is love no matter where you live.
Same-sex marriage is currently legal in 30 countries around the globe. Though the number only accounts for an eighth of the world’s nations, every small victory is always celebrated like a communal international pride party. And rightfully so, seeing as same-sex couples

10 Gorgeous Hair Colors to Consider If You're a Bride-to-Be

Make sure to schedule that dye job before you walk down the aisle.
Sorry, ladies. We hate to add more to the long list of things you need for your big day, but getting a fresh dye job before your wedding is a must. It doesn't have to be a full color overhaul, though! You

13 Fashion Shows and Films to Watch on Netflix

More than just "The Devil Wears Prada."
Don’t get us wrong, we’re die-hard fans of The Devil Wears Prada—we can drop references the whole day if you ask us to. While it may be the top-of-mind fashion film on Netflix, there are other stylish shows, series, and films to

13 Work-From-Home Outfits Inspired by Your Fave Celebrities

We’ve picked out a look for every mood.
Work-from-home outfits are proven to help boost your productivity, as it psyches you into work mode real quick. Whether you’re out of ideas or are looking to start wearing WFH OOTDs yourself, we’ve picked out 13 looks plucked from the feeds of

Here's What It's Really Like to Be a Rich Kid in North Korea

In case you're curious about the perks of being a real-life Seo Dan.
Every country has a jet set. The privileged one percent. Their wealth affords them luxuries that other people with lesser packed wallets can’t enjoy. But our common perception of this extravagant way of living is often shaped by our copious consumption of

12 Non-Boring Wedding Bouquets for Your Walk Down the Aisle

Whatever kind of bride you are, you'll find a perfect fit here!
When it comes to wedding florals, the bridal bouquet is one of the most important arrangements. It’s the focal point of every same-day edit video where the groom first sees his bride as she walks in through the doors. In this moment,

10 Easy Home Organization Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Purge your WFH home office of clutter.
With the enhanced community quarantine over Luzon, suspension of work, and cancelation of ALL social gatherings you may find that you suddenly have so much time at home on your hands. People on social media are getting creative with this new lifestyle

14 Gorgeous Wedding Gowns with Sleeves That You'll Love for Your Big Day

Looking for a wedding dress with sleeves? Try these!
Sleeves in any form can make a bridal dress feel elegant, refined, and sophisticated. There’s surely a design for everyone, whether you’re a minimalist bride averse to frills and froufrou deets, a bohemian bride with a penchant for anything billowy, or a

Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Your Wedding Rings

We asked the experts for you!
Wedding bands are a symbol of eternity, so choosing one is an extremely high-pressure task. I mean, you’re only going to wear it every day for forever, right? To calm your woes, whether you’re a bride-to-be or just a casual internet dweller

10 Chic Beach Outfits for Your Instagram-Worthy Summer OOTD

Master the "island girl" style in these cute looks!
Living in a tropical country can sometimes feel like we’re being robbed of fall and winter sartorial choices. But, you have to admit that being able to have an island getaway all year round and dressing up for the occasion is pretty

Can You Guess How Much These Iconic Fendi Bags Cost?

Fs don't come cheap.
What the F? Whether or not you loved Fendi's glam-cum-ladylike latest collection, you cannot deny that the house, now helmed by Silvia Venturini Fendi (yep, the founders' graddaughter herself), has produced some of the most iconic handbags ever. And, with history comes

These Might Be the Reasons Why You Have Chapped Lips

Here's what you can do to make your pout soft and kissable again!
While it's crucial that we pay attention to taking care of our skin on our face and body, we should be giving equal TLC to our lips, too. And though some may think that having chapped lips isn't too common because of

5 Chic Pairs of Red Shoes That Are Worth Investing In

Are you red-y?
Roses are red, just buy the shoe. Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly how the old poem went, but you get the message: Whether you're into cherry, burgundy, wine, or crimson, a ruby shoe will forever be a timeless choice. Consider it that

12 Beautiful Cake Designs to Choose from for Your Wedding

Check out these stunning cake inspirations for your wedding day!
Whether you harbor a sweet tooth or you simply haven’t thought about your cake the same way you have about your wedding dress, there’s no denying that a gorgeous wedding cake is practically part and parcel of the whole wedding tradition. After

Bianca Umali Is Bright, Bold, and Fearless Beyond Her Years

With an acting career spanning more than a decade, Bianca Umali's experience continues to arm her with the wisdom needed to explore uncharted waters—and she's only getting started.
Perched on a makeup chair with her profile towards me, Bianca Umali’s presence is undeniably intimidating, for lack of a better word. Perhaps it has something to do with her defined features: those large, piercing eyes, pouty lips, and a nose so naturally

Debunking the Most Common Myths and Misconceptions About COVID-19

Understand the virus and don't easily fall for hearsays.
Whether it’s affected you or not, the 2019 novel coronavirus has slowed down life as we know it. Any event that congregates large crowds, such as the Tokyo Olympics and fashion weeks, are threatened. Travel bans were implemented. In countries where the

Where to Rent Stylish Gowns for Your Next Event

The future of fashion sure is a rented dress.
"The Future of Fashion is a Rented Dress" was the headline of a Bloomberg opinion piece published in March 2019—a decade after a slew of luxury clothing rental services were introduced in the U.S. By last year, the service branched out even