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12 Chic Ways to Style an Oversized Shirt

Redefine the T-shirt and jeans combo with these cool tricks.
With the streetwear trend as ubiquitous as ever, oversized shirts have become wardrobe staples for every kind of fashion girl. But, styling an oversized shirt isn't as easy as throwing on a puff-sleeved blouse. Given its basic shape and often simple fabric,

10 Hairstyle Ideas for the Next Wedding You're Attending

Get inspo from real stylish wedding guests!
Finding a way to look your best without being too extra is every wedding guest's internal struggle. Luckily, it's a problem that's easily solved. Our best advice would be not to overthink your glam too much, because when you do, that's when

Can You Guess How Much These Tiny Louis Vuitton Bags Cost?

In case your monogram-meets-micro bag craze has totally peaked.
You can't count on these to carry any more than loose spare change, but you can surely depend on 'em to score awestruck stares that read "what on earth can she carry in that tiny thing?!" Let's play a little game. Can

12 Stylish Ways to Wear High-Waisted Jeans

These high-waisted bottoms are here to stay this 2020.
By now, it should be clear that high-waisted jeans should be a staple in your closet. The denim fabric is timeless and knows no fads, while the high-rise pant detail is universally flattering as it sits on the smallest part of your

10 Ways to Pull Off the Blazer Over Dress Look

Trust us, you’d wanna snap an OOTD for this.
If there’s a foolproof way in putting a good outfit together, it would probably be sticking to the classics. After all, one of the surefire indicators of good style is timelessness. But if you try to take two classic pieces such as

Here's How You Should Be Wearing Cropped Tops in 2020

They're sassier than ever.
Whether or not you're comfortable with exposing some skin every once in a while, there's no denying that cropped tops have become somewhat of a mainstay in fashion—the piece is just reinvented every season. Recall: in yesteryears, we used to wear (gulp)

12 Scariest Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

Can you handle a good scare?
Tired from a dull, entirely mundane day? Step into the supernatural and disturbing for a binge-watching scare-fest with some of the best horror movies currently on Netflix. Whether you choose to watch with a group of friends, or you’d rather sit alone

7 Tips to Achieving Luscious Wavy Hair

Take those frizzy coils and turn them into luscious waves.
In a culture where long, straight black hair is valued, those born with naturally wavy hair have always found themselves in a conundrum: Their locks aren’t as straight or as sleek as those shampoo commercial models'. But today, more and more girls

A Stylish Guest's Guide on What to Wear to Every Type of Wedding

Need help in figuring out what the wedding dress code means?
Wedding dress codes can be confusing, especially if you're coming in as a guest. To help guide you, we created your ultimate cheat sheet for all the types of weddings that you may attend. Below, we dissected each dress code and have

Casey Merritt Is the New Model to Watch, and It's Not Because of Her Last Name

Young, beautiful, and wise beyond her years, Casey Merritt may very well be your favorite new kid on the block.
Caught in photos with seemingly perpetually smoldering looks, back-bending poses, while decked in clothes worth more than one's average wallet, there’s a common stereotype thrust upon models. Tall, attractive, know the list. Of course, in a time of Instagram stories, and videos like

7 Classic Designer Loafers That Will Last You a Lifetime

The definition of timeless.
It's rare for a shoe to be both universally flattering and timeless at once, but that's exactly what the loafer is. Unlike pumps, sandals, or espadrilles, loafers virtually go with anything and are perfect for any occasion.Need to head out for an errand?

7 Best Places to Get Lash Extensions in Manila

No mascara? No problem!
Thanks to semi-permanent beauty treatments, our routines have collectively become simpler. Name your concern and there's likely a procedure for it. Want to define your brows? Have them microbladed! Think your lips are too pale without lipstick? Try getting them tinted by a pro! There's more

10 Ways to Style a Bodysuit for Every Occasion

There are tons of ways to style this hardworking piece!
At the mention of bodysuits, many girls will shy away in a heartbeat. We can't blame them though, as they can have you thinking of bathing suits (which aren't exactly comfy to wear all day) and their provocative reputation doesn't help either.