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The Best Evening Gowns from Miss Universe 2019

See our faves right here!
We're still on pageant high, just a day after the Miss Universe 2019 competition. In fact, we're taking notes from the contest's evening gown segment! Ahead, we round up our top faves!Of course, Gazini's phoenix dress tops our list. Cary Santiago did

Here's How You Can Wear Your Pajamas to a Party

Who says they're only for bedtime anyway?
Ever since Sophie Turner showed up at a glitzy London girls' night out in her emerald Olivia von Halle set then proceeded to wear the exact same ensemble to the airport the very next morning, our obsession with wearing pajamas to anywhere

16 Pairs of Sneakers That You Can Wear to an Evening Event

Yes, you totally can!
It's very likely that you wouldn't even try to wear sneakers out to that fancy dinner party you've got scheduled. Right? Still, fashion loves a challenge! And so we've rounded 16 shining, shimmering, and splendid pairs to propose you change your mind.

5 Evening Outfits for Girls Who Hate Wearing Dresses

With our recommended designers who can create the look for you.
There are some girls who just can't stand the idea of wearing a dress. If you're one of them, worry not—we've listed down five designers who've each fashioned a way to stay comfy, even in formal attire. Who wears the pants now?1. Pajamas

How to Wear Denim to an Evening Event

These are some good jeans.
The humble jeans' versatility has no foreseeable end. We've been wearing countless permeations of it since we were tiny tots in OshKosh overalls, but have you ever once considered wearing denim to an evening fete? It's totally doable! Below, three ways to

Behind The Brand: Moonshine

Get to know why these stylish friends teamed up to create a one-stop shop for eveningwear.
Established in 2007 by Audrey Ednacot and Kato Chua, RTW line Moonshine prides itself in being a one-stop shop for all dressy affairs. From trendy cocktail dresses to elegant eveningwear, you’re just one click away from chic.Not to be pigeonholed into a