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What This Weekend's Blood Moon Means, According to an Astrologer

Time for some spiritual exfoliation.
It’s eclipse season once again, which means it’s major cobweb-clearing time in the parts of your life that no longer serve you, especially as you relate to your perceived role in society. This is because the Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, July

Celebrity Lookalikes

Confused? So are we!
These stars may prove to be too good in acting for a double take, but as far as their looks are concerned, we can’t help but take a second look. While each celebrity has his/her own unique characteristics, we can’t discard the

Ask An Editor: Behind The Outfits

The Style Bible girls take you behind the scenes of the making of their Preview Ball dresses.
Before you start, know that it really takes a village; as any editor will attest, rare is the occasion that we roll out of bed and look red carpet-worthy. We are though extremely lucky to have lots of friends to help us

Editors' Picks: Preview Ball Mood Board

We share our outfit inspirations for the year's biggest fashion party.
Every year, as soon as we decide on a theme for the Preview Ball, we already start looking for things to inspire us to create the perfect look. The theme this time around is all about fun footwear, so read on as

In Our Kikay Kits

Find out which Style Bible girl owns the most over-stuffed everyday makeup bag.
Being an editor has a lot of perks, but just like most, we're always on-the-go. Countless events, meetings, shoots, and articles are all in a day’s work, but it means having our beauty essentials on hand is an absolute must. It may


Eunice tries the exceptional Spanish skin peeling system.
I do still remember the glory days of my complexion. They’re now clouded in a romantic haze of nostalgia—back when I didn’t even own a single tube of concealer (I balked when Cindy Crawford lauded it as her desert-island must-bring), three hours

Makeup Diaries 2012: Eunice Lucero

Preview's Eunice Lucero puts her best face forward by sharing with us 5 days in her beauty life.
”For the summer, my plan is just to let my hair texture win out—no sense fighting nature,” Preview Associate Editor Eunice Lucero tells Style Bible about her strategy for looking fuss-free this season. “You'll be seeing me a lot with my hair

Beauty Lab: Nuiu Life Cuisine

Preview Associate Editor Eunice Lucero test drives the new diet plan right in time for the summer season.
Eunice Lucero, Preview Associate Editor“It’s not a diet,” Kay (Kitane of NUIU) told me. I was hard-pressed to believe, because for me by definition, a diet is any time you’re not allowed to eat just whatever you want. “We’re advocating more of

Beauty Lab: Juju Cleanse

Preview Associate Editor Eunice Lucero test drives the 3-day juice cleanse that's got everyone talking.
The pre-holiday and holiday seasons are the most hectic times of each year for me. Between all the last-minute deadlines, late nights, events (work), parties (play), gift-shopping, token balikbayan duties, restaurant hopping, and even more deadlines, the end result was a spike