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Philippine Ylang-Ylang Oil Could Be A Global Skincare Trend This 2020

And by that we mean all over the world.
We've got important news, and it's going to make your Filipino heart super proud. Pinterest reports that searches for ylang-ylang oil—yes, oil derived from the plant that's literally everywhere in the Philippines—shoot up by 91 percent.Ylang-ylang oil is famous for its soothing

What's the Difference Between a Diffuser and a Humidifier?

Which one do you need at home?
Many of us may think that diffusers and humidifiers are one and the same, but these two devices actually have several notable differences, not only in their functions but also in what they can do in a home. Here's what you need

This Is Why It’s Important to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It affects your appearance and well-being more than you realize.
At a recent launch for Dermalogica’s newest product, Sound Sleep Cocoon, we were treated to a brief but insightful lecture on the pillars of wellness. Conducted by certified wellness coaches Dr. Willie Lagdameo (a pediatric surgeon and Dr. Sears certified wellness coach)

4 Easy Essential Oil Recipes for Better Skin

Heal your skin naturally.
It's no secret that the gospel of essential oils has been making its rounds on the internet. After all, there's no better healer than Mother Nature herself. And if it's a chemical-free way to better skin you're looking for, then this is

This Is the Safest Way to Use Your Essential Oils

To more relaxing after-work rituals.
Essential oils have been a thing for quite some time, but while a lot of fans are in on the calming benefits of using them, not everyone takes into consideration the right and safe way to use them. As much as these

11 Essential Oils for Your Everyday Needs

These will always come in handy.
Essential oils are the talk of the town right now for natural remedies. They're said to have multiple health benefits that range from mental to physical, which they achieve without the need of chemicals."When used correctly, they exert very powerful results and

A Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils

Find the best method for you!
Natural remedies are making their way back into the mainstream through essential oils, and if you're a fan of amazing scents and approaching health the old fashioned way, then it might be for you.Basically, essential oils are volatile liquids that are extracted

This Is the Natural Healing Remedy You Need to Know About

Welcome to essential oils 101.
Beauty oils will never go out of style in the beauty world. They're natural, healthy, and most of all, they work wonders for our skin—what more can one ask for? But here's an open secret: Oils can do more than give you