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Metro Manila's Air Quality Has Been Better Lately, Says DENR

Breathing easier lately?
Turns out we can improve the air quality in Metro Manila. All it takes is for, well, everyone to stop using their cars.According to data collected by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), those viral

Sustainable Holiday Decor Ideas to Try This Christmas

Your home will feel as festive as ever.
Nothing gets us more excited about the holidays than festive décor strewn across our home. Most people shop for brand new accoutrements every year to adorn their living area with, but we believe in mindful consumption and sustainable living. In an effort

This Local Store Wants To Be Your Online Hub For All Things Sustainable

Shifting to live a sustainable life isn't done overnight, but Our Source will make it easy for you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Starting a sustainable lifestyle is no easy feat. A complete renunciation of one's way of life is needed, thwarting deeply-rooted ideals to make way for more eco-friendly habits. And if you're determined to fully committing to make the switch, online store Our Source

Here's Why Uniqlo Doesn't Want to Be Called Fast Fashion

The company has been involved in sustainability since day one.
Perhaps due to the fact that its parent company is called Fast Retailing, many associate Japanese retail brand Uniqlo to fast fashion. The story goes that when Mr. Tadashi Yanai, president and CEO of Fast Retailing, was just starting the brand, he wanted

The World's Largest Rainforest Is on Fire and Here's Why We're Alarmed

The Amazon is currently burning at the highest recorded rate since 2013.
Fire season has officially begun for the Amazon Rainforest. This is said to typically occur from July to September because of the dry season, and usually stops by November. However, nothing seems ordinary about the forest fire this year, and the rate

Here's Where to Donate Excess Brown Paper Bags for Recycling

You can get a gardening kit out of it, too!
By now most supermarkets have already banned the usage of plastic bags and lessened their plastic packaging, but here's another sad fact: Brown paper bags still take a long time to decompose in a landfill.That said, in an effort to save Mother

We Went Tree Planting to Save Our Environment and Here's What Happened

Did you know that Philippine citizens are actually legally required to plant one tree every month?
Earlier this week, the Preview team joined Origins for a special Earth Month activity. For their Green the Planet campaign, we visited the Laguna Quezon Land Grant in Siniloan, Laguna and did tree planting in partnership with FEED, a non-profit organization committed to sustainable

This Lifestyle Store in QC Has Shampoo Bars, Metal Straws, and More

Eco-conscious shoppers, take note!
It's almost the start of a brand new year, and if you're looking to do some major lifestyle changes like living more sustainably, there are a bunch of stores that offer zero-waste alternatives to everyday essentials. The newest eco-friendly store in the

10 Stylish Reusable Tumblers to Help You Stay Hydrated

Fill these with your favorite drinks!
You probably already have a reusable straw to help cut down your plastic usage, but if you want to step up your zero waste game even more, make a reusable tumbler your next purchase. With one in tow, you'll no longer need

How the Zero-Waste Movement Became Cool

There are cool people who want to save the world. Let's join them.
In the not-so-distant past, there was a cartoon called Captain Planet (Google it, kids) that was about a superhero called upon by a bunch of teenagers wearing magic rings. Hokey, concept? Absolutely. But it was a progressive show even for its time.It

5 Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do Right Now

Fashion girls, it's time to cut down on that carbon footprint.
Despite what stereotypes dictate, being more eco-friendly is incredibly simple. A few tweaks to our everyday choices can make all the difference! And to prove just how simple it is, we gathered a list of fashion girl-centric deeds that can help save

How to Properly Dispose Your Empty Beauty Products

Reduce your carbon footprint!
In the beauty world, the satisfaction you get from using up a product is incomparable. There's that sense of accomplishment that only a true beauty junkie would understand. But after that, how exactly do you dispose that luxe jar of serum or

Have You Seen Valerie Weigmann's Sleek New Ride?

We've done organic diets, hip exercises and we quit our dirty vices, but you know what's really chic? Green commuting.
Model-turned-beauty queen Valerie Weigmann with the E-Jeepney, now rolling through Filinvest City in Alabang and Muntinlupa, with routes in Makati, Congressional-Katipunan and the Ateneo De Manila University loop.A question for a queen: Which came first, the crown or the cause?For Miss World