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#PreviewBestDressed: Eloise Alba-Carballo

Meet her chic little daughter, too!
Former Preview Managing Editor for Creative Solutions, Eloise Alba-Carballo, is not into bandwagon dressing. "I'm not sartorially persuaded by fleeting trends," she quips.True enough, her rather timeless yet contemporary approach to dressing manages to always turns heads. But Eloise's style does not

Meet Preview's Best Dressed Girls of 2015

Nadine Lustre wasn't the only one who made it to our list.
The Preview Best Dressed List is back! We know we've spooked some people out with its absence from the July issue (sorry!), but truth is, we were just saving it to end 2015 and start 2016 with a bang *insert fire cracker emoji here*.

Blonde Ambition

How three blondes seem to be having much more fun.
When it comes to color, most Filipinas often resort to the red or brown family, teetering ever so cautiously around the typical mahogany, chestnut or ash. But amid the sea of brunettes, we found three standouts that dared to go where most