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Ellen Adarna Posted Her First Photo With Baby Elias

Happy Mother's Day, Ellen!
Ellen Adarna has been pretty low-key about sharing details surrounding her son Elias, that's why it was much of a surprise that she actually posted her first mother and son photo with him yesterday, May 10, to celebrate Mother's Day.On Instagram, Ellen shared a

Ellen Adarna Reveals She Suffered from Depression and Anxiety

"I was in a very dark place for two years, almost three years...I didn't have feelings. I just felt like a robot."
On March 26, 31-year-old actress Ellen Adarna opened up about her battle with mental illness, which affected her gravely for nearly three years."I was in a very dark place for two years, almost three years. I thought I wasn't gonna snap out of

Let’s Talk About Those Rings Ellen Adarna Posted

Gorgeous, weren’t they?
Though she’s already taken the photo down from her Instagram account, the sight of two diamond rings on Ellen Adarna’s fingers has imprinted itself in our minds. We turned to jeweller Candy Dizon of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery to give us more

15 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Try Extreme Sports

These stars try surfing, car racing, skiing and more!
As the year starts, it's also very timely to pick up a new hobby or start a wild adventure to make the days ahead more colorful and especially exciting. But if you're someone who's not into arts and crafts, then perhaps adrenaline-inducing

Did You Know That Ellen Adarna Lives in a 1930s Apartment in Manila?

She has a fantastic view of the Manila Bay sunset, too
Based on her posts on social media and the countless billboards we often see, it’s safe to say that actress Ellen Adarna is a fitness nut. From boxing to practicing yoga, the Cebuana is dedicated to maintaining a healthy shape—even turning a

I Hate You, Ellen Adarna

We find out why women love to hate her.
What is it about you, Ellen Adarna, that splits the world in two? On one hand, men profess their undying love for you while women fawn over your face and imitate your workout regimen. On the other hand, men denounce you in

16 Celebrities Who Bravely Posted No Makeup Selfies

They're beautiful no matter what.
It's no secret that behind every celebrity is a team of beauty professionals making sure their physical features are perfect. In other words, they most definitely do not wake up like how you see them on television or in magazines. So what

Local Celebs and Their Presidential Bets for Election 2016

These stars have already made up their minds.
This year’s election has been one of the most controversial in the history of Philippine politics, but for what it’s worth, the outcome of it will be the deciding factor of the country’s welfare for the next six years. May 9 is

10 Local Celebs and Their Tattoos

These stars are rocking their tatts.
Planning on getting inked and currently on the lookout for some inspo? Well, we’ve already shared with you a list of Hollywood stars and their signature tattoos, but if that’s not enough, then perhaps these local celebs will do the trick.Solenn Heussaff(@solennheussaff)This

4 Celebs Show Us How to Sport Bombshell Waves This Week

See who made it to this week’s top celebrity selfies.
Get schooled by the stars on how to sport long wavy tresses. Below, check out their double-tap worthy selfies and score some beauty tips!1. Ellen Adarna’s lustrous chestnut brown locks played a vital role in her sultry, smizing selfie. Set your brows

5 Celebs and Their Nighttime Beauty Routines

Follow these tips and wake up on the right side of the bed.
A busy day can sometimes drain the life out of us. Thus, we forget to properly take care of our skin and wash our fully made up faces before hitting the sack. But however hectic your schedule may be, always remember that

22 Female Celebs Who Look Hot in Menswear

They wear it better than the guys.
Where impeccable tailoring is concerned, you gotta give it to the boys. They’re anal about the fit, wrinkles, and the cut of their suits—sometimes even more than the girls. We do admire that; but as much as we hate to burst their


See if you can still recognize your favorite stars even without layers of foundation.
More often than not, the stars we normally see on billboards, magazines and televisions depict a picture of perfection. Their flawless complexions and pearly whites can just so easily trample our own self-esteem. We even forget to consider how they might have

Here's What Ellen Adarna Sprays On Her Naked Body

It's quite French, really.
Via Preview Magazine June 2014Though she may be a beast at the gym, Ellen Adarna is a softie when it comes to fragrances."I'm very picky when it comes to perfumes because I get migraines or headaches if the scent is too strong,"

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: Starting Fresh

New year, new selfies!
The holiday craze is over, which means we can all go back to our normal routines. And for us, that includes scouring Instagram in search of the best beauty pegs that the world wide web has to offer. Want to see whose #selfie

Watch: Laureen Uy Teaches Us The Bag Slap

Your bag can do so much more than just carry your things.
A few months back, Preview and Publicis JimenezBasic launched the #FashionIsPower campaign with a series of videos that aim to teach women how fashion accessories can be used as a weapon of protection. The first of which had Georgina Wilson demonstrating how