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How to Level-up Your Instagram Feed on Your Next Vacation

Here's your cheat sheet to earning those double-taps!
More and more, Instagram is becoming the go-to choice of intrepid travelers for insider advice on the places they want to visit. Pathport (@pathport), a start-up company which hopes people will use it to curate travel itineraries in the manner they use

Grace Coddington Steps Down as Creative Director of Vogue

But wait, there’s a major twist!
As major movements continue to reshape the face of the fashion industry, another major bomb was dropped yesterday by Business of Fashion, revealing that Grace Coddington, Vogue’s creative director, is stepping down from her post after nearly three decades of service to

Borrowed From The Boys: Beauty Edition

Where grooming is concerned, we have to give it to the boys.
If there’s one more thing the men take seriously, it would have to be their grooming. They may not have a dresser or a cabinet full of beauty products like us, but the little that they have are items they’ve spent their

Watch: Preview Ball 2014

See what went down during this year's big bash!
What happens in Skin City, stays in Skin City...or not! Because we're giving you a glimpse at the fun moments during one of Preview Magazine's most memorable nights. We can't wait for next year's #PreviewBall and we hope to top this one off!

#previewball: The Editors

See what the editors wore on their biggest event of the year.
If there's  a group of people who take dressing up for the annual Best Dressed Ball seriously, it would have to be the editors. This year, see the Preview and Style Bible editors' take on the Skin City themed event. Preview Best Dressed Ball

23 Pairs Of Sneakers You Can Run Around In During Fashion Week

Ditch those painful stilettos for a pair of sneakers that are just as chic.
We’re almost on the last day of Philippine Fashion Week and it’s quite packed. We’re pretty sure you’re already thinking of wearing your most comfortable pair of heels but why not pick a chic and striking pair of sneakers to ride the

The Editors' Fashion Week Survival Kit

Because it can get pretty hectic.
Philippine Fashion Week is just a few days away and you can say we’re already prepping, not just our outfits for the upcoming week, but of course, our must-haves-slash-essentials to keep us in our A-game all throughout. Don’t be surprised, it can

Our Celebrity Fitspiration

Check out who's keeping us motivated to attain the perfect bikini bod.
Being healthy is so on trend. During the past couple of years things like organic living and marathons have rose in popularity, all thanks to the stars that share their healthy lifestyles with their adoring fans. Sure, we’re all probably too busy

#throwbackthursday: Our First Fashion Splurge

The Style Bible editors dish out their very first expensive fashion purchase.
My Instagram feed is peppered with all sorts of #ThrowbackThursday posts and in honor of that, I asked my fellow Style Bible Editors about their very first fashion splurge ever, out of curiosity and well, for #TBT purposes, of course. Purchasing your

The Editors' Love Affair

We're having an affair. Read on to find out with what.
With fashion, that is. In fact, this has been going on for years and nope, we’re not apologizing for it. Though we’re not exactly contented as we find ourselves wanting more, we see no reason to hide such madness. In all respects,

Staff Challenge: Makeup Swap

We broaden our makeup horizons by trying on each other's signature looks!
Slapping on some rouge can be quite intimidating for a girl, especially for first-timers. But after conquering the complexity of liquid liner and bronzer placement, the results are a tried and tested, idiot-proof makeup routine. But as years progress and tubes of

Our Makeup Obsessions

Get to know the star products in our makeup arsenals.
Here at the office, we girls get a wee bit obsessive. From the newest makeup collaborations, a stellar dry shampoo, to a lipstick that looks good on everyone (we’re looking at you, Pleasure Bomb from RiRi Hearts MAC), there are certain things

Staff Challenge: New Year's Eve Attire

Style Bible editors pick out what to wear as we usher in 2014!
We’re all excited to brew our best year yet, but for today’s agenda, we tackle what we would wear on New Year’s Eve! May you be spending it with your family and friends, you and I both know that we should always

Hot Right Now: Tyca

The Style Bible Editors come up with different looks for this new retail shop.
These days, shortening phrases has become a trend: LOL, OOTD, SOTD, BTW, OOTN, OMG, BRB, ROFL, and more. And then there's TYCA, the abbreviation of "Thank you, come again." However, TYCA isn't just another one of those phrases or expressions; it is

29 Eye-catching Money Keepers

We're serving up a platter of wallets from cute to chic to sleek.
The wallet has got to be one of the most overused items in our wardrobe. Some wouldn't even think it's part of an ensemble but we think it pays to invest in a fun, sleek, and chic money and card keeper, seeing

37 Must-have Iphone Cases

We pick 37 iPhone cases that we are currently loving!
Admit it, our smartphones are the extension of our bodies; we always have our iPhones with us to keep us connected. And as the extension of our bodies, we tend to dress it up as well, based on our personality and preferred

40 Of This Season's Hot Denim

We're serving an assortment of the hottest denim pieces on our radar.
Denim has always been a classic staple that transcends years, age, and gender. It's been reinvented several times and is always at the forefront of reinvention. This season, we see a lot of different interpretations like the boxy shirt, the crop top,