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Prom Accessories

Here are standout accessories to complete your prom night ensemble.
Choosing a prom dress surely takes up most of our prom prep time. But let’s not forget the important add-ons that can either make or break your look: accessories! We’ve done some online window shopping for you to help you choose the

Our Makeup Obsessions

Get to know the star products in our makeup arsenals.
Here at the office, we girls get a wee bit obsessive. From the newest makeup collaborations, a stellar dry shampoo, to a lipstick that looks good on everyone (we’re looking at you, Pleasure Bomb from RiRi Hearts MAC), there are certain things

19 Hot White Shoes

Go for eye-catching footwear in the most basic yet chic color.
We've been quite attracted to a shoe trend that has been around for a couple of months now: the sleek white shoes. It doesn’t matter if they’re sneakers, boots, or a pair of sexy pumps—all we know is, they complete and add

22 Stunning Earrings

Draw attention to your pretty face with these eye-catching ear candy.
We all love to accessorize—may it be a statement necklace, piled-up bracelets, dainty rings or a stunning pair of earrings—because it never fails to brighten and complete an outfit. This time around, we put the spotlight on an array of eye-catching ear

26 Party-worthy Purses

Pretty purses that will definitely be perfect for all the upcoming holiday festivities
You see, your purse or clutch can make or break your party look. While it's a challenge to be able to squeeze all your essentials into the tiny space—a tube of lipstick, your phone, your license, some cards, and whatever you can

50 Shades Of Gray

We list fifty lovable pieces that come in multiple shades of one of this season's hot hues.
No, this isn't about Christian Grey (although we're looking forward to seeing him on the big screen) but we are serving up an assortment of the hottest retail finds in fifty (yes, fifty!) shades of this season's palette cleanser—gray. May it be

29 Eye-catching Money Keepers

We're serving up a platter of wallets from cute to chic to sleek.
The wallet has got to be one of the most overused items in our wardrobe. Some wouldn't even think it's part of an ensemble but we think it pays to invest in a fun, sleek, and chic money and card keeper, seeing

37 Must-have Iphone Cases

We pick 37 iPhone cases that we are currently loving!
Admit it, our smartphones are the extension of our bodies; we always have our iPhones with us to keep us connected. And as the extension of our bodies, we tend to dress it up as well, based on our personality and preferred

40 Of This Season's Hot Denim

We're serving an assortment of the hottest denim pieces on our radar.
Denim has always been a classic staple that transcends years, age, and gender. It's been reinvented several times and is always at the forefront of reinvention. This season, we see a lot of different interpretations like the boxy shirt, the crop top,

Preview Girls' Kikay Kits

Take a peek at the beauty loot of Preview Magazine's editors.
You've seen the Style Bible girls' beauty kits, now it's time for the Preview girls to show their favorite beauty stash. We've ambushed them at their desks (quite literally!) to get the lowdown on their favorite makeup and why they like it. They

Editors' Picks: Preview Ball Mood Board

We share our outfit inspirations for the year's biggest fashion party.
Every year, as soon as we decide on a theme for the Preview Ball, we already start looking for things to inspire us to create the perfect look. The theme this time around is all about fun footwear, so read on as

Editor's Pick: Argan Oil

Why the Moroccan jewel deserves a place on your vanity.
No single ingredient has gotten as much buzz in the recent months as has Argan Oil. Found solely in Morocco, the Argan Tree bears nuts which produce the oil that has become so popular in the beauty world. Dubbed "liquid gold" in part

Lipstick Diaries

The cover girls come clean about the favorite lip hues they can't live without.
For this week's Editor's Picks, we enlisted the help of our seven cover girls by rummaging through their everyday bags to determine the lipstick tubes that they can't seem to leave the house without. Along the way, we found out some interesting

Deep Impact

Red takes a dark turn in the -ber months for shades of berry, burgundy and bordeaux.
While red lipstick is a mainstay in our list of must-haves for makeup, every season the trend gets an update whether it be in the form of a statement formula or a hot new shade. On the runways of Missoni, Custo Barcelona,

Feeling The Blues

Blue eye make up makes a comeback with these pigmented shades of aqua, cobalt and sapphire.
With the Fall/Winter makeup collections upon us, we've noticed one color making a strong statement: blue. Fronting the campaign images for both Shu Uemura and Nars, blue shadow is emerging a trend to try for the coming months. With the runways of

The Art Of Cleansing

Eight new cleansers that answer your specific skin needs.
The base of every skin regimen, cleansers set the tone for giving your face a pristine base to layer the rest of your products on. As much of a matching game as is picking the right foundation shade, knowing your skin type,

The Real Deals

Palettes and packs that give you way more bang for your buck.
For most women, shopping for makeup involves a lot of compromise, whether picking one shade of lipstick over the other or debating whether to get blush versus the newest sparkly eyeshadow. No matter what we end up getting, we always find ourselves

Clean Slate

Enjoy a relaxing bath with these luxuriously moisturizing products.
Everybody enjoys a good long bath. Whether a way to enliven your senses in the morning for the day to come or as a means to cool down at night after a hard days work, baths for most of us equal much

Idiot-proof Makeup Products

Seven beauty items that can do no wrong.
Sometimes even the most makeup savvy need hero products to save the day when there is simply no time to put in enough effort in applying a basic face. Whether you're forced to get ready in the car every morning or lugging