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7 Free Video Editing Mobile Apps Perfect For Newbie Vloggers

Ready to start your vlogging journey?
Since the pandemic forced people to stay at home, many finally found the time to pursue their passion for content creation, particularly making videos. With the continuously developing technology, lots of aspiring content creators these days start out with filming—and even editing—by simply

10 Apps to Help You Level Up Your Instagram Content

You can edit your photos, videos, and even stories with these cool apps.
Admit it or not, we know the endless Instagram scroll has you addicted. The infinite feed full of artistic shots, perspective-meddling takes, raw portraits, the occasional cat picture or meme, and more is just one way most folks get their daily dose

This Is the Cool New Way to Edit Your Instagram Stories

Download this app, stat!
Instagram’s “Stories” feature has come a long way since it was rolled out last August of 2016, now offering more filters and font styles for users to choose from. You would think it'd be more than enough for posts that only last

Here's How Kryz Uy Edits Her Instagram Photos

Admit it. You've been itching to find out!
Let’s get one thing right—you can’t become a successful fashion blogger if you have a boring #aesthetic. That said, there are plenty of reasons why Kryz Uy has almost half a million followers on Instagram, and one of the most obvious ones