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OMG! This McDonald's BTS Meal Chicken McNugget Costs P1.5 Million

Care to bid?
McDonald's BTS Meal has just come out and the collaboration—which consists of 10-piece nuggets, medium fries, Coke, and two packets of sauce—is already reselling on eBay. From the unopened full meal down to receipts, the food collab starts at $0.99 (approximately P47) and goes up to $30,000 (approximately

This Ebay Account on Instagram Features the Weirdest Fashion Items

In case you were still eyeing that infamous Supreme brick...
Been, for whatever reason, wanting a Supreme fire extinguisher? Or a fake grass-textured (yet 100% authentic) Prada tote? Look no further than EBayBae, run by Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art collections specialist Tae In Ahn!The EBayBae feed seems random, but