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Sip a Flat White at This London Cafe, Soon in Manila

When in a London cafe, do as Londoners do.
When in a London cafe, do as Londoners do.That is, sip coffee with lots of milk.As the biggest coffee chain in the UK, Costa Coffee, comes to the Philippines next Monday, all of us at Style Bible are particularly excited to try the

Slappy Cakes

The fun and interactive D.I.Y. breakfast spot is now in Manila.
Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food probably never dined at Slappy Cakes. With pancake griddles built right into the tables, diners are given bottles of batter and are left to their own devices to craft their very own short stacks.The

Fashion Installation

Visit Eastwood Citywalk to view our fashion installations!
"We provide options!" was one of the things that Pauline Suaco-Juan, Editor-in-chief of Preview, said on Behind the Bylines when asked about what the fashion magazine offer. In Style Bible, we do the same thing, we provide visuals, possibilities and options when

Trendspotting: Preview's Fashion Slam Book

Four femmes with four different styles showcase this season's biggest trends.
It might just be about warm and wet weather in the Philippines, but in the fashion industry, there's Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. With the latter just around the corner, revert back to Preview’s Trend Report for Autumn/Winter 2010, which came free with the