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10 Tiny Stud Earrings That You Can Mix and Match

Pile 'em on!
More often that not, studs are a girl’s introduction to the world of accessorizing. Long before candy-colored bracelets and beaded necklaces, you probably had your first pair of earrings on without even knowing. As we move on to eye-catching hoops and huge

10 Dainty Dangling Earrings to Add to Your Collection

Perfect for your ladylike aesthetic!
If you’re all about that soft and elegant aesthetic, a pair of dainty dangling earrings would be a great finishing touch for your everyday look. It’s an easy-peasy way to look like you put in a lot of thought and effort to

This Online Store Sells Elegant Acrylic Resin Accessories

So on-trend!
It's no secret that accessories are having their time in the spotlight. From hair clips to minimalist necklaces, if you're in need of a breather from the usual rhinestone-embellished snap clip and thin chain, Fina Manila is the brand for you. Started

10 Pretty Earrings That Will Complete Your Summer OOTDs

Shop for cute ear candies here!
Summer is the best time to flaunt your prettiest earrings! During the hot season, your hair is most likely in a ponytail or a bun, or you probably cut it short to let your nape feel the breeze. Either way, your ears

2009 Style Trends You Can Still Wear Today

A decade later, we’re still reaching into our closets for these pieces!
There are some trends that we want to bury six feet underground so they never see the light of day again. And then there are those timeless pieces that really do stand the test of time. From chambray shirts to mod-style shifts,

Here's Where You Can Shop Crawler Earrings Like Meghan Markle's

She's got a chic way to feign multiple piercings.
Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has a talent for breaking royal style rules in the subtlest of ways, and one that's really caught our eye is her non-traditional choice of earrings. She's been favoring the crawler, a trendy type of dangler

15 Ways You Can Try the Vertical Piercing Trend

So cool!
2018 has been a year of decorating your ears! First, there was the cluster piercing trend, then came constellation piercings, and now, the new "it" thing is vertical piercings.Unlike cluster and constellation ear piercings, the vertical trend requires stacking piercings on top

Here's How Heart Evangelista Wears Multiple Earrings

Want to get multiple piercings? Here's your celeb style inspo!
When styling multiple piercings, it's tempting to go all out. On some days, though, you might want to consider keeping it simple and stylish to avoid crowding your ears. Take your cue from these looks we've spotted on Heart Evangelista:This will immediately

This Online Store Sells Earrings Made with Real Flowers

Calling all flower enthusiasts!
Who would've thought that we can actually wear real flowers as earrings? Political Science graduate Mimi Dumalaog creates resin earrings out of preserved flowers—and below, we talk to her about her online store, Kamila's 4am Bracelet."I was trained by my parents to study

Here's Where Celebrities Get Their Chic Statement Earrings

Go big or go home!
Dissecting a celeb's outfit is one of our favorite hobbies, and today we're focusing on the statement earrings stars have been obsessed with lately. We found out that a lot of the pieces come from Cebu-based jewelry brand Sepa Cebu. According to

You Need to See This Jewelry Collection Based on the Zodiac

It’s the chicest way to wear your sign.
Trust Givenchy’s new Artistic Director Clare Waight Keller, she who designed Miss Markle’s much discussed wedding gown, to come up with something that’s ultra current and covetable for her first season with the brand. The designer’s love for jewelry and talismans come

These Hairstyle Ideas Will Show Off Your Ear Cuff

They're easy to do, too!
Ear cuffs are having a moment, and we’re not complaining at all! If you already have your own (shop some here!), then it's time we give you hairstyle ideas to make sure your statement accessory stands out. Check out some of our

LOTD: This Minimal Earrings Combo Looks Amazing on Heart Evangelista

In case you needed another reason to get a second piercing.
There's an obvious perk to having multiple piercings: wearing more than one accessory at once. Especially since you'll find that experimenting with your metals and accessorizing will be twice as fun as it used to be.That said, in case you're new to

15 Chunky Earrings to Spice Up Your Summer OOTDs

Take your pick!
Need colorful alternatives to your staple metal earrings? Take a break from tassels and go for chic ear candies to complete your summer ensembles. This season, we find ourselves leaning towards acrylics and resins molded into chunky shapes reminiscent of the '80s—below,

These Quirky Accessories Are Handmade for the Tropical Bohemian

We catch up with the owner of this fun accessories brand to find out more about Tropik Beatnik.
Their Instagram page is chock-full of pretty patterns and fun handmade pieces you want to snag for yourself. With the brightest hues and interesting colorways, these accessories aren’t your run-of-the-mill earrings. They’re sure to add just the right amount of punch to

5 Kinds of Minimal Jewelry Every Girl Needs to Have

Shine on.
Elicit lingering glances with delicate jewelry that looks like you're wearing next to nothing. See dainty examples below!1. Ring AroundGet caught up in miniscule ropes.IMAGE Paolo CroduaCable Coil ring, P1010, RAM JEWELRY, ramjewelry.ph2. Floral FingeryContrast a softly blossoming dangler with a liner one.IMAGE

Forget the Belt—This Clip-On Earring Is the Newest Gucci Must-Have

We're in love.
Sporting the Gucci logo has just become easier than ever! Their newest covetable item practically goes with everything—no pants required.That's right. Forget about their best-selling logo tees and belts for a minute, and check out this beauty of an earring:IMAGE FarfetchMade with 18k