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10 Cool Ear Piercing Combinations to Try in 2022

Go into the new year with some fresh studs!
2022 is just around the corner, and what better way to usher in the New Year by getting your ears pierced! If getting your ears curated has been one of your long-time entries on your bucket list, we think this is the perfect

8 Stylish Ear Piercings to Try If You Want That "Curated" Look

Find out which placements hurt the most and heal the fastest!
With the many kinds of piercings that there are, it’s hard to decide which one to get. Maybe you're eyeing a stunningly-curated ear decked out with chains and gems, or something more minimal like a one-stud pierce.Whichever your choice is, keep in

Here's the Real Reason Behind Kathryn Bernardo's New Ear Piercings

Find out why she decided to get her ears pierced in the first place!
For anyone who's been thinking about getting a new piercing—yes, you can actually book an appointment during quarantine—Kathryn Bernardo is here to convince you to do just that! Ever since Kath got helix piercings with good friends Juan Miguel Severo and Ria

The Exact Earrings Kathryn Bernardo Used to "Curate" Her New Piercings

Kathryn is making us want to get new ear piercings, too!
Kathryn Bernardo is obsessed with ear piercings! The actress shares in her latest vlog that she had not one, but three additional ear piercings. Check them out below:TOP STORY: BJ Pascual Reveals the Inspiration Behind Nadine Lustre’s Jaw-Dropping Birthday PhotoshootKath shares that she

Kathryn Bernardo Will Make You Want to Curate Your Ear Piercings

She got new ear candy to celebrate the success of her vlog, 'Everyday Kath.'
For most of us, our "New Year, new me" transformations come in the form of fresh dye jobs or haircuts. But for Kathryn Bernardo, she turned to ear piercings! The actress debuted her brand new studs in honor of her YouTube vlog

Here's Why You Shouldn't Get Your Ears Pierced with a Gun

It can actually shatter your cartilage.
It's official: Getting multiple piercings is cool now that second or third ear candy is practically a rite of passage for a lot of people. It's a sign that they are owning their bodies.There are two ways to get your ears pierced:

How to Make Sure Your Ear Piercings Don't Close or Get Infected

Did you know you can make your own saline solution to disinfect your piercings?'ve gotten over your fear of needles and you finally got your ears pierced! Now comes the harder part—the aftercare. This is the step that is most important because it can determine whether or not your piercing lasts. To make sure your

Here's How Heart Evangelista Wears Multiple Earrings

Want to get multiple piercings? Here's your celeb style inspo!
When styling multiple piercings, it's tempting to go all out. On some days, though, you might want to consider keeping it simple and stylish to avoid crowding your ears. Take your cue from these looks we've spotted on Heart Evangelista:This will immediately

True Story: I Got an Extra Ear Piercing Because of K-Pop

No, seriously.
Just in case you've been second-guessing going under the needle for that extra ear piercing, you should know you're not alone. In hopes that I might help you make the choice, here are four factors that contributed to my eventual decision:Reason #1: Joshua

You Have to See This New Ear Piercing Trend

Sooo pretty.
Some of us at Preview HQ have gone under the needle several times over—for piercings, that is. We just can't help it! Being the proud purveyors of glittering constellations on our ears is our face-framing technique of choice, and here comes yet

Why a Piercing, Not a Tattoo, is the True Test of Commitment

And other thoughts on body adornment.
My recent foray back into the realm of piercings started a few years back, just as piercings started popping up on runways. The models at Givenchy's 2012 Haute Couture show were heavily adorned with colossal dangling earrings and septum rings, a look that catapulted the