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Here's an Easy Hair Care Routine for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Help your locks bounce back to health in just four steps!
Similar to skincare, the rule of thumb with hair care is to tailor it to your specific needs. This way, you're not just washing and drying your tresses but also paving the way for their healthiest version yet.Thanks to the hot and

How to Bring Your Beach-Damaged Hair Back to Life

Hit reset on your post-vacay locks.
After your beach trips, it's important to bring your hair back to base condition. Spritz these products on and look alive:Use Aveda's Brilliant Spray-On Shine (P1838, Freyja, Glorietta 2) when you feel like your hair is both flat and dead or frizzy.

How to Treat Dry Hair, Rough Skin, and Sparse Eyebrows

Don't let these beauty woes get you down.
Tired of dealing with frizzy tresses, textured skin, and those gaps on your arches? Here are three quick fixes for these beauty bummers:Full disclosure: I do not care about my hair. It's naturally wavy, and is perfectly so when left completely untouched—the

Hair Rehab

Hair woes, be damned! We offer a bevy of solutions to tame your mane.
As long, flowing hair is marked as a woman’s crowning glory, it’s only right to take extra steps to care for your strands. But as life would have it, the road to luscious hair is littered with pot holes like hair fall,

Beauty Insider: Christopher Picault

Dessange's expert on why skipping shampoo every other day may actually save it.
It was Christopher Picault’s first time in Manila and his first impression of Filipina hair was one that hit home. “I noticed that you clean your hair everyday, and that’s not very good. The more you clean your hair, the more you