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7 Drugstore Face Serums to Try for Smooth, Glowing Skin

Add these to your basket!
The skincare aisle in your local drugstore and supermarket can surprise with just how much variety they have. Because aside from basics like cleansers and moisturizers, you can also find some upgraded skin essentials like serums! Ahead, we round up some formulas you

Drugstore Facial Washes That Won't Dry Out Your Skin

They're all under P500!
Compared to serums and moisturizers, buying a facial wash seems pretty simple. As long as it can clean your face, it's all good, right? But the thing is, since they're designed to clean the skin, most cleansers leave the face feeling tight and

10 Tried-and-Tested Skincare Products You Can Find in the Grocery

Add these affordable products to your shopping list!
Skincare can sometimes feel like a chore—staying up a few extra minutes to do all 10 steps of your routine, spending hefty amounts for your holy-grails, and of course, searching high and low or ordering online to get your go-to products. While

The 10 Best Drugstore Moisturizers Everyone Should Try

Let's go back to basics!
The beauty industry has been on a roll as of late—releasing new things one after the other and populating the market with buzzy beauty terms, the most unique packaging, and more (skincare) steps than we, personally, take in a day. All these

We Tried 10 Affordable Cream Highlighters and Here's What Happened

Whatever your skin tone, there's one for you!
The beauty world still isn't over highlighters—and with good reason! Glowing skin is practically timeless, which means finding yourself the perfect highlighter makes for a great investment. Luckily, it doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Drugstores have a big

You Have to Check Out These Korean Beauty Finds From Watsons

The drugstore now has a K-beauty section!
The Korean beauty craze is showing no signs of dying down, and now, they've just become even more accessible! Just how accessible, you ask? Watsons, one of our favorite drugstores, now has a dedicated section just for K-Beauty products! Check out the

5 Skin Care Products Under P400 That Actually Work

Surprise, surprise.
If there's anything you should know about skin care, it's to never judge a product by its price tag. Not everything needs to be expensive to work wonders on your complexion! And to support our case, here are five drugstore skin care

“It” Girls’ Makeup Artist Reveals Her Favorite Drugstore Finds

No need to blow some serious cash to look like your favorite “it” girl.
The gap between luxury and high street brands has never been so small. Even with beauty, celebrities and ordinary people like ourselves have begun mixing prestige products with the best drugstore finds we can get our hands on. And with social media

11 Drugstore Finds Makeup Artists Swear By

Because drugstores are beauty gold mines.
Drugstores are a goldmine of beauty products waiting to be picked up and swiped at that the cash register. At a low cost, you can easily build up a starter makeup kit that can last you a good half a year or

The 7 Best Drugstore Lipsticks for Every Occasion

One tube is never enough.
Just something to ponder on: If you had P2,500 to spend on makeup, would you splurge on a tube of your favorite luxury lippie that’ll wait in the drawer 'til that special occasion finally comes, or would you buy seven lesser-priced bullets

The 6 Best Drugstore Eye Makeup For Every Occasion

We'll take you to the candy shop!
As we’ve said, drugstores are like candy shops for the beauty junkie. And what else could be more candy-like than pretty palettes that come in an assortment of colors from the brightest neons to the most neutral shades? Here, we round up

Beauty Editors' Favorite Drugstore Finds

A.k.a. the cheap thrills we swear by!
For beauty girls, drugstores are like candy shops. They are filled with cheap thrills guaranteed to doll up our faces and therefore brighten up our gloomy days. Below, we list down some of our most trusted beauty girls along with their favorite finds. Agoo

6 Products Beauty Editors Buy in Bulk

Can't have too much of a good thing.
We all have things we hoard. And for some, the makeup aisle of drugstores and departments stores is what makes them feel like a kid in a candy store. But what do you buy when it's your job to test everything that's

Nothing Over P870: Drugstore Finds

Nab the latest budget-friendly prettifyers from your fave drugstores.
The drugstore is a haven of affordable beauty treasures; you'll find yourself spending less than P1000 but with a full basket of goodies for every conceivable need! We've updated our latest bargain finds to include the hottest and trendiest these days. Get