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You Can Now Get Strawberry Soju at This Local Convenience Store

Plus, they have a promo you do not want to miss.
For quite some time now, we have always relied on convenience stores for our soju needs. In most convenience stores, you can find different bottles of soju in different flavors, like the classic, blueberry, peach, grapefruit, or green grape-flavored soju. Strawberry soju was

5 Super Easy Soju Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Bottoms up!
If you've ever been to our local convenience stores and supermarkets and checked out the alcohol section, you most probably have spotted a bottle of soju. This Korean alcoholic beverage is a colorless distilled drink made from rice, wheat, or barley.You can

Your Guide to Surviving the Worst Hangover of Your Life

Because it's wine o'clock again.
Snap out of that holidaze. Like, now. ’Tis the season of parties, and of perseverance. Here are a few hacks to get you through a holiday party-induced hangover.ON THE NIGHT OF THE PARTY:IMAGE Liam Andrew Cura1. Drink collagen.Alcohol affects skin’s elasticity, just

Are Your Bad Habits Ruining Your Skin?

Here's the lowdown on drinking, smoking, sunbathing, and eating junk food.
At the prime of our youth, we've done everything we thought was fun. From partying all night, all week, lighting a cigarette or two, eating everything in sight, and even basking under the sun all summer long. But have you ever thought

10 Secrets to Drinking All Night, But Never Getting Drunk

Take down notes, ladies!
It's that time of the season again, everyone! While almost every day and every hour becomes wine o'clock, it's also a struggle to enjoy the party and at the at the same time engage in some social drinking. Of course, not everyone

5 Ways You Can Enjoy A Party While Sober

Yes, it is possible!
As the holidays draw near, you're bound to attend parties almost every night just so you can spend time with all of your friends. But as reunions tend to get a bit rowdy and wild, you don't have the luxury of time

How Your Vice Ruins Your Skin

The things you need to know before you “indulge.”
Old habits die hard. Yes, we know. Breaking up with the things we’ve grown accustomed to and “can’t live without” is never easy. That’s not even the worst part. Sometimes, even if we know how much damage it does, we still go

A Beauty Girl's Guide to Dealing with a Hangover

Editor-approved tricks to help you get by for those dreadful mornings after.
Not unless you’re an absolute straight edge, hump day drinks have pretty much become the weekly team bonding between co-workers. Seeing that there’s still more work to be done the next day, we try our best to curb our enthusiasm even when

You Need a Password to Get Into This Bar

Order cocktails that are perfect for the #ImAPreviewGirl.
If you're planning to try something new with your girlfriends or your beau this weekend, we recommend a round of drinks at ABV (short for Alcohol by Volume). This speakeasy bar, owned by Lee Watson and Patrick Cuartero, is a cozy place for a bubbly night

How to Act Like A Fashion Girl Even When You’re Drunk

Rule number one: act sober.
Fashion girls don’t just eat - we drink, too! A little too much, sometimes. The difference with us, however, is that when we down a tequila shot, we do so because we can hold our liquor. And although we’re usually fashionably late