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The Largest Starbucks in the World Is Set to Open This November

It stands at a massive 43,000 square feet!
Starbucks just keeps getting bigger and bigger as it's set opens its largest store to date at the Magnificent Mile in Michigan Avenue, a.k.a. Chicago’s premiere commercial district. Standing at 43,000 square feet, the soon-to-open Starbucks Reserve Roastery has already eclipsed Tokyo,

This Coffee Favorite Is Returning to Starbucks This September

Time for something smooth and creamy!
It's the -ber months, and we're already up for several chilly, albeit rainy days ahead, and what better way to get cozy than by treating yourself to a cup of coffee?Starbucks has just announced the return of the Asian Dolce Latte, a mix

Here's What's Inside the Biggest Starbucks in the World

Can you guess where it's located?
Officially opening last February 28, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Nakameguro, Japan is now dubbed as the biggest Starbucks in the world.With four floors and a whopping 32,000 sq. ft., it has officially bested Shanghai's 30,000 sq.ft.  roastery. If you didn't know yet,

This Newly Opened Milk Tea Shop Offers Flavored Pearls

Including taro, matcha, strawberry, and mango!
Convinced you've tried every mik tea brand there is in the country? Think again, because Taiwanese drink brand One Zo has just arrived in Manila and they're shaking things up with their handmade flavored tapiocas! Established in 2015, the brand prides itself for

3 Ways to Order Coffee If You're Prone to Hyperacidity

No need to give up your cup of joe!
For coffee lovers, hyperacidity is the worst. After all, conventional wisdom dictates that people who suffer from heartburn have to stick to decaf or—God forbid—give up coffee altogether.But how can we do that when coffee is the elixir of life, the ambrosia

This Is Apparently the Best Time for Drinking Coffee

We've been doing it wrong all along.
Being someone who drinks coffee only once a day, I never really questioned my relationship with caffeine. Like most people, I always take it in the morning because that's when I feel I need it the most. It never really occurred to me

Three Bartenders Reveal the Best Hangover Cures

You’ll be shocked at the one ingredient they all have in common!
For people who love to drink, the cycle is pretty much the same. If you party hard, expect to wake up with an insufferable hangover. We can tell you that drinking lots of water before hitting the sack is going to help,

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with This Yummy Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good drink?
Not everyone knows why the fifth of May is significant to Mexican culture—FYI, it’s the commemoration date of the Mexican army’s victory over French troops in the Battle of Puebla—but we all take it as an excuse to drink up, anyway. So

A Fashion Girl's Guide to Dinner and Drinks: Willamsburgos Hotspots

Business has never been better in Makati’s red light district.
Over the last couple of years, more and more tourists and locals have found themselves wandering through its neon-lit streets in search of momentary bliss. And given its new nickname “Willamsburgos,” what once was an infamous area for its “extra services” has

You Need a Password to Get Into This Bar

Order cocktails that are perfect for the #ImAPreviewGirl.
If you're planning to try something new with your girlfriends or your beau this weekend, we recommend a round of drinks at ABV (short for Alcohol by Volume). This speakeasy bar, owned by Lee Watson and Patrick Cuartero, is a cozy place for a bubbly night

The Most Beautiful Coffee Shops Around the World

For the lonely Starbucks lovers.
Who needs a Starbucks lover when there’s a whole new world of cafés waiting to be discovered?The Coffee Academics, Hong Kongwww.the-coffeeacademics.comNow here’s a café that certainly lives up to its name. It’s a cozy spot where you can sip on lattes sweetened

3 Mocktails For A Smarter, More Active, And More Beautiful You

Sit, sip, then repeat to a healthier lifestyle.
Last week, we attended a party like no other as we got to sit, sip, and learn about the benefits of drinking... 100% fruit juice. The celebration was about raising awareness to the Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021, which basically tackles the