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5 Drapey, Flowy Looks to Steal from Camille Co This Summer

So fluid.
We can't help but notice with mesmerized fascination that lately, Camille Co's outfits have become more and more mellifluous—spot honeyed silks, silvery bows, and almost-liquid ruffles flowing from every achingly chic OOTD. You may think that summer's heat equals a significant shed of

LOTD: This Blush Draping Trick Looks Amazing on Sandara Park

If you love monochrome makeup, you'll fall for this too.
As with many beauty trends, draped blush has its own share of naysayers. Many claim that it should stay in the late '70s, while the biggest punch lies in denying its wearability. So today, we're here to trump the negativity around this

LOTD: KZ Tandingan Tries on Different Beauty Trends at Once

She mixed trends like a true expert.
The definition of "wearable" is actually quite subjective. Truth be told, there's no reason for you to feel restrained to neutral looks all year. Pushing your beauty boundaries with exaggerated blush and glitter once in a while can produce results that might

This Blush Technique Could Mark the End of Contouring

The '70s beauty trend just got modernized.
Contouring's days may be numbered. A blush technique that was popular in the '70s is currently creating buzz in the beauty community thanks to Marc Jacobs, and it promises to give you rosy, sculpted skin that looks fresh out of a disco

Behind The Seams

Mariane Perez gets into the nitty gritty of draping with Jojie Lloren at the Designer Fashion Workshops.