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This Fabric Conditioner Sold Out After This K-Pop Star Said He Uses It

Two months' worth of stock, all gone in just a day!
In case you were wondering what wildly popular K-pop boy group BTS' youngest member Jungkook might smell like, now you know. While chatting with fans over social media on January 20, he mentioned that he uses Downy's Adorable fabric conditioner from the

4 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Fragrances

We quiz Bianca Gonzalez on why life is too short for just one scent.
Because a scent invisibly dresses whoever is wearing it, opting for the right scent and smelling good is as important in showcasing who you are. We quizzed TV Host, columnist, and brand ambassador Bianca Gonzalez to help us figure out how scent switching can

5 Habits Of A True Fashionista

Here are 5 ways to confirm if you're one.
A true fashionista can wear heels all day, has the latest handbags fresh from the runway and she doesn’t wear just one scent in a day. Sounds like you? Then you might be a closet fashionista. But if you're in denial of being