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6 Fabulous Details to Love About the Downton Abbey Movie

Especially for the true-blue fans!
The Downton Abbey movie has arrived. After a two-year wait since the series ended, fans were finally able to head to theaters to catch the Crawleys and the Downton Abbey staff go back to their old antics.The plot revolves around a royal

You Have to See the Diamond Tiaras in the "Downton Abbey" Film

We can't wait for it to premiere.
No better occasion than a royal visit to whip out the best family jewels, say the Crawleys of Downton Abbey. As you may already know, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning period drama series is getting the big-screen treatment, and news has just poured in

A Downton Abbey Movie Is In The Works!

...and it just might be released this year.
We've been aching for something to fill the Crawley family-shaped hole in our hearts, and we'll be getting our relief way sooner than expected: a Downton Abbey movie is in the works!via GIPHYAccording to actor Jeremy Swift, who played the perpetually cranky butler

5 Period Dramas Fashion Girls Should Binge-Watch

The costumes would make thee want to time travel.
There would be a long list if we talked about television shows that have caught a fashion girl's eyes courtesy of the phenomenal wardrobe. Gossip Girl, Friends, Sex and the City—whether it’s inspired by a cult classic or the archetypical high school

10 Memorable TV Wardrobes

Looks to steal from the boob tube!
Summer's over and the rainy season's starting to kick in. You know what sounds like a good idea on a cold showery night other than pancit canton and a can of Coke? A six-hour TV series marathon! Here, we list down ten