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25 Cool Ways to Wear Double Denim

It ain't difficult, and it ain't a faux pas.
It's honestly been ages since double denim was considered a heinous fashion crime. After all, what's a faux pas these days, anyway? We'd like to think that, just maybe, if then-couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up on the red carpet

Here's the Funny History Behind Double Denim

People also call it "Canadian tuxedo" for a reason.
"Double denim" is now a pretty common term, rolling off the tongues of cool kids and classicists alike as if it wasn't considered serious faux pas just over a decade ago. Pasts considered, did you know that the rather tricky look was

LOTD: Lauren Reid Shows Us How to Wear Denim in 2018

Here’s a style lesson from the It girl!
Lauren Reid's got a travel OOTD you can wear regardless if you're here in Manila, and that's because it's easy and versatile. What's not to love?We're talking about this double denim look, of course. Often called the Canadian Tuxedo (the history of

LOTD: How to Wear Double Denim In 2017, According to Laureen Uy

All it takes is a silhouette update.
We've long established that double denim is A-okay—just as long as you do it right. Note that 'right' is completely subjective, especially in fashion's constantly shifting sands: for example, if some years ago it meant a pale blue chambray shirt tucked neatly

Stylesetter: Solenn Heussaff

This is how an It girl sports the double denim trend.
We have to admit, we’re still a little hung over from Sunnies Studios’ awesome birthday bash. We mean, come on, a pool party hosted by Georgina Wilson, Bea Soriano, and Martine Cajucom? That’s got to be a blast! But apart from the

Who Wore The Dungarees Better: Laureen Uy Or Kryz Uy?

Two of Manila's top bloggers go head to head in a double denim face-off.
We’re already aware of the fact that our local bloggers have a thing for the double denim trend. Apparently though, it’s not the only thing Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy have in common. Out of the many #OOTDs that these two girls

We're Seeing Double Denim

It's the bloggers' turn to school you on this cool trend.
Denim is obviously one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can find inside your closet. No matter what your personal style is, there is so much you can do with it. And seeing that there are so many ways