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Sue Ramirez Reveals How She Got Rid of Her Double Chin

It's all thanks to a treatment that gave her a smaller face, too!
Contrary to popular belief, getting a double chin isn't only caused by gaining a few extra pounds. Your bone structure actually has a lot to do with it as well, since it could be allowing more tissue or fat to be stored

I Had My Double Chin Reduced and Here's What Happened

Read the experience here!
In the last four years and for as long as selfies and other photos of myself are concerned, the worm’s eye view and deer in headlights options are totally off-limits. I love being shot with my head tilted to my right and like

What Causes Double Chin and What You Can Do About It

Dr. Vicki Belo gives us the lowdown.
No, you don’t only get double chin when you gain weight. Here are other reasons why even the skinniest people get that extra layer of fat under their chin.CAUSESGeneticsIf one of your parents has a double chin, chances are, you can have

4 Exercises To Help You Lose That Double Chin

Do these everyday to get best results.
Many of us know what a double chin is, and this year, the term "tech neck" has been coined specifically for that purpose. Why "tech neck?" Because spending so much time with your head bent down as you use your phone is