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We Found the Exact Dolce & Gabbana Dress Jinkee Pacquiao Recently Wore

She's making a case for this renaissance print!
Renaissance prints are seeing a brand new light in modern day fashion. Perhaps we can thank the Met Gala for this resurgence (remember its heavenly bodies-themed event?), but truth be told, cheeky cherubs and old paintings have been a sartorial inspiration since

We Spotted This Local Blogger in a Dolce and Gabbana Ad

She's on the pages of Harper's Bazaar too!
You know those full spread advertisements in magazines that manage to take up two entire pages? Yeah, well imagine yourself in one of those, because Vina Guerrero sure can, and as part of a Dolce and Gabbana campaign, no less.The lifestyle and

10 Designer Logo Belts to Invest in for a Statement-Making Look

These belts are total game-changers!
Logo belts seem to be this season's trendiest celebrity statement piece, and if you're already up to snuff then you'll know just how easy it easy to elevate your look with this one simple fashion item. Accenting your outfit with a logo

This Model Protested Against Dolce & Gabbana While on the Runway

Now here's a fashion statement, literally.
What happened in Milan certainly won't stay in Milan. Raury, an American singer-songwriter and rapper, used the catwalk as a platform to protest against Dolce & Gabbana during Men's Fashion Week! The reason? The Italian luxury brand proudly dressed U.S. First Lady

This Is the New It Bag of the Season

Move over, bucket bags.
Back in the olden days, trunks were considered a bulky and heavy luggage preferred by people traveling by boat. Now made sleeker and lighter, box bags are the newest and trendiest arm candy this season. It was first seen on the runways

The Age of Modesty: Muslim Fashion is Here

Cover up to spruce up!
Muslim fashion. These two juxtaposed words would already give you a certain identifying look that stereotypes women who practice this faith. As Ramadan just started, Islamic governments are becoming stricter and go as far as arresting Muslims who wear anti-Islamic clothing, according

Dolce And Gabbana Magazine Director Resigns

Following the controversy, Giuliano Federico steps down.
Dolce and Gabbana's magazine director has resigned following their controversial remarks about same-sex parenting.Giuliano Federico revealed he made the "difficult decision" to step down as the director of Swide magazine following seven years at the company after the designers, Stefano Gabbana and

Dolce And Gabbana Insist They Didn't Intend To Judge Other People's Choices

The designer duo react to Sir Elton John's call to boycott the brand.
Dolce and Gabbana insist they didn't intend to "judge other people's choices" in their remarks about IVF.The designers have spoken out after stars including Ricky Martin, Ryan Murphy, John Barrowman and Sharon Stone backed Sir Elton John when he called for a

Elton John Lashes Out At Dolce And Gabbana

The designer duo was slammed for branding children born through IVF as synthetic.
Sir Elton John has lashed out at Dolce and Gabbana after they branded children born through IVF "synthetic." The 67-year-old singer, who has Zachary, three, and 23-month-old Elijah with his husband David Furness, took to his Instagram account to slam the designer duo

Lust-worthy Shoes From Milan Fashion Week

From the sexy to the man-repelling, put your best foot forward with these cool steppers.
From bejewelled slides that were totally glamcore to chunky clogs that echoed the seventies, stylish steppers ruled the scene at Milan Fashion Week getting just as much attention as the clothes they were paired with. We zoom in on five steppers that

Watch: Dominique Cojuango Talks About The Thing She Had To Have

Dominique spills on that one thing she couldn't take her mind off and just had to have.
Do you remember your first major purchase? Was it a phone, a bag, or perhaps a pair of shoes?There’s always that one thing that calls to you, and in that particular moment you know—you just need to have it. For Dominique Cojuangco,

9 Fashion Moments In Music Videos You Might Have Missed

It wasn't just video that killed the radio star but the spiked stilettos that came with it.
Some 30 years ago, MTV invaded the boob tube and killed the radio star by redefining the way most of us listen to music today. In December of last year, Beyoncé dropped her fifth studio album which was described as a “visual

Dolce And Gabbana To Serve Jail Time

Dolce & Gabbana To Serve Jail Time
With our attention clearly set on all the festivities over Labor Day weekend, we seem to have let one pressing issue slip through. Over that glorious few days of endless parties and activities, Dolce & Gabbana were found guilty of tax evasion