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BGC's Newest Dog Park Lets Your Furry Friends Run Free

It's the city's first off-leash dog park.
Pet dogs are truly the winners of this pandemic. Their hoomans are home all day, their food (and treatos) intake are given much attention, and they're always successful in convincing you to go out for a walk. To make sure that you

This Adorable Dog From Siargao Loves Taking Himself for a Walk

Nougat the Siberian Husky likes long walks on the beach and quick trips to the market.
Pets are a great source of joy. Not only are they loyal companions, they also help ease stress and feelings of loneliness and isolation. But it’s not always happy times, funny animal videos, and Instagrammable moments. Being a pet owner is a

Meet the Cutest Pets of Your Favorite Local Celebrities

They're too cute for words!
Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and from the looks of it, it seems Preview’s cover girls definitely agree. Of course, some of them have got even more than just dogs to love. That said, with the quarantine boring all of

10 Designer Dog Accessories to Spoil Your Furry Friends

Show how much you love your furry friends with these luxurious accessories.
We’re no stranger to novelty items from world renowned luxury brands. We’ve seen Chanel come up with luxury tennis sets to Hermès' mahjong set, so who's to say we can't shop for our litte furry friends, too, from these designer brands? Our

Meet Champ and Major Biden, America's First Dogs

One word: DOTUS.
The results are in and Joe Biden is on his way to be the 46th president of the United States of America. We’ve written about his vice president, Kamala Harris, who is the first woman, first Black, and first Asian VP in

These Dogs Make Up the Cutest Wedding Entourage You'll See Today

All seven of them walked down the aisle!
It’s no secret that man’s best friend will stay faithful to you through thick and thin. They’ll be there for every moment and milestone you let them share with you. That said, couple and certified dog trainers Francis Cleofas and Irene Lorenzo,

You Can Now Get Matching Moncler Jackets For Your Dog

A collection we never knew we needed.
Nothing really surprises us anymore when it comes to unconventional designer items. From a Supreme brick to luxury sporting goods, we really have seen it all. But, we have to admit, Moncler's just-released dogwear is a bit out there. Yep, you read that right:

These Adorable Gifts Are Perfect for Your Dog-Loving Friends

Just in time for Christmas!
We're declaring it: Longchamp's colorful collab with French art critic and cartoonist Clo’e Floirat is the perfect gift for every pet lover in your life.Humoring the idea of a "must-have" accessory, Clo’e portrays packs of dogs in bright, bold hues walking their

These "Unusual" Models Were Fall 2018's Biggest Fashion Week Surprise

Spotted: furry friends, robots, and royals!
The Fall 2018 presentations saw a lot of surprises. From virtual fashion influencer Lil Miquela invading Prada's Instagram to Queen Elizabeth II sitting front row with Anna Wintour, it's safe to say that fashion shows have become even more interesting lately.But apart

This Brand Will Turn Your Pet into a Street Style Star

So cute!
If you're sartorially inclined to street wear and also happen to have a soft spot for pets, then you'll love the new pet merch circling the Instagram scene. What started as a canine cult with over 3000 IG followers, this "secret animal

These Well-Dressed Dogs Are Richer Than You

Because who doesn't like a Chihuahua in Chanel?
By now, teens living the lavish life is practically old news. But pooches clad in Fendi and Chanel lounging in a yacht, a private jet, or a convertible Audi? Well, they’re taking humblebragging to a whole new level.Check out these wealthy puppies on

Paris Hilton's Dog Tinkerbell Dies

The hotel heiress' beloved pooch is now in dog heaven.
Paris Hilton is grieving the loss of her dog Tinkerbell.The 34-year-old star is "so sad and devastated" that her beloved 14-year-old teacup Chihuahua, which she reportedly purchased in 2002 after seeing a similar dog in 'Legally Blonde', has passed away.The blonde beauty

The Trendiest Pet Right Now

Move over, chihuahuas.
Valentino Garavani, pictured with his wrinkly litter for Valentino: The Last Emperor.After bringing her beloved pug, Nala, home five months ago, YouTube vlogger Zoella has continually updated her page with its pictures, captioning one “pug life.” (Apparently a famous hashtag.) Yet despite trending

World's Most Stylish Pets

From meeting fashion mavens to having thousands of fans, these four pets are getting more popular than ever before!
Although most dogs and cats are cute in their own right, we have to give it to these four pets who have managed to make a name for themselves just for being way too adorable! And no, their owners are not even